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Sacrifice offering and the true meaning

[Last Update: 16.05.2017]

12th May 2017

In all religions and cultures there is the ritual of sacrifice offering. The problem is that nowadays no one really knows more about the true history. The meaning and purpose of sacrificing is to sacrifice something, which is important to one or in other words it should be essential and not just keeping a rite. Sacrifice is only a sign of repentance. However, it should not be understood as such, that one is simply freed from sin by repentance. It’s just the beginning. As an example, we take the slaughter of the lamb, which became a rite without understanding its original meaning. At those time, the lamb was an animal for production. The loss can lead the whole family into “financial” distress and is therefore indispensable to life. In this case, one sacrifices something of him- or herself, which is necessary to survive. The rite of sacrifice is also not a negotiation with the supreme instance – the God – it must be a surrender. Regardless of all, it is not in the sense of the Creator to sacrifice another life for one’s own sins and problems.

The word of God should not be equated with a legal text e.g. with a constitution and then try to find gaps so you can go around.

By the way:
The German word “Erwachsen werden ≙ grown-up” can be meaningfully equated with the German word “Erwachen ≙ awakeningfrom childhood or naivete.

Perhaps one should also try to understand the word ritual better, then one can notice the irony in the whole thing and can concludes that it cannot be God’s words.

13th May 2017

Growing up is not a process with an upper limit. In the legal sense and in the general understanding it can be understood as such.