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4MA74 – PreView

Valentine’s Day message [14th February 2018]

My dear Beauty,
since our last reunion in the Treta-Yuga 59 million years have been passed. Not only the world is waiting for several Yugas for our reunion, I long for it too. It will not take so long. There are only few days or hours until I have prepared everything, so that nothing stands in the way of our happiness …

I love you, my beauty…

See you soon.

  • [28.04.2017]: BluRay Disc with animated menu navigation
    (ca. 10GiB with BD-ROM Content)

    • [30.04.2017]: BluRay Disc Printing Label (jpg, 500KiB)
  • [03.09.2016]: 4MA74s 23rd BD Special – UpComing Bonus Track (Preview of Preview)
  • [16.03.2016]: 4MA74s 23rd BD Special – Extended Version (PreView)
  • [14.02.2016]: 4MA74s 23rd BD Special (PreView), the Root-Version