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The Reunion, i.e. Union of Shiva and Shakti

The Reunion, i.e. Union of Shiva and Shakti

[Last Update: February 11th, 2023]

The meaning and the many facets of the forthcoming ReUnion, which should have been fulfilled long time ago, will unfold in due course, but it is and remains ELEMENTARY. The time of fulfilment of the real ReUnion of us, the two Absolutes SJ, is the real initial value for everything else in this world and beyond that.

Why a reunion has to take place when the entire cosmos is already interwoven or united with Shiva and Shakti or Purusha and Prakriti is unclear or hidden for some, just as much in the cosmos is also hidden. Only the light brings the hidden into human consciousness. Just because people can’t see or perceive it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. One can only find what is already there, this information is already given (perhaps hiddenly) in all your German words that contain the word “finden” what in English to find means. Ones says in German “erfinden” that means in English to invent, so that one can invent it, it must already exist in the cosmos, so one didn’t invent it really, one just rediscovered it, maybe in a different combination. It is your arrogance born out of your ignorance of believing that it is you, the writers, the engineers, etc., and that everything is yours.

Back to our core question or original question, why is ReUnion necessary when it is already united?

On an abstract level it is comparable to a spinning top, this is the cosmos that still needs a boost so that the world is allowed to continue to exist, in other words like new batteries or the batteries are recharged. This is only part of the truth or only one facet of the truth.

The traditional marriage of ours, which initiates further rituals, does not matter to us, if at all, it would have mattered to you. You can say it again on an abstract level, the example for the children so that they imitate it. What is the consequence if we live it wrong? What is right and wrong?

Much of the past is still in the present of people’s consciousness, starting with why Rama heartlessly sent his better half into the forest when she was pregnant. How merciless a ruler of the cosmos or God can be, a question that is asked all the time. Then again, others ask that when Krishna flirts with the girls, nobody says anything and you even worship him, but if we flirt, then it’s a sin. Questions over questions that don’t want to stop. Do you know where I’m trying to put the focus? Why is past life so important? Also, do not forget that you are all just little Shivas and Shaktis.

There is this dualism in Hinduism, where there is no dualism, it is more of an appearance, but this dualism is of elementary importance for this world. One can call it true love or purity, decency, and so on, but they are all just terms trying to depict different facets of the truth about the cosmos and beyond. Remember also that language, by its very concept, reduces the meaning of the world, or in other words limits the world in all its diversity, just as a model in science can also be a reduction or abstraction of all reality.

As I have already mentioned in some articles, the aspect of dualism also disappears when one understands what matter actually is, it is pure composition of information, so Purusha and also the energy at the end, what Shakti represents is also just information, so Quantum mechanics interprets this in a similar way, saying that at a certain level it is only energy, but that too is also information. Nothing that is solid is solid in reality, as mechanical engineers like to declare for their knowledge pursuits. This latency only plays a subordinate role. Their world view would collapse if this dualism did not prevail, because for them the forces always come in pairs. Here one has to understand what really an interaction is, namely only exchange of information. If a billiard ball hits another billiard ball, then only information is exchanged here, which the normal viewer perceives as a collision of two balls. 

It's information, like a kind of firewall, that says you're a solid, namely a billiard ball, and you mustn't mix with another billiard ball, like coke mixes with soup, if only under certain criteria, such as e.g. high heat that melts you and blesses this union, also much like a marriage is blessed by the priest. 

It is no different with the sexual act, only information is exchanged here. A special verifiable exchange of information is the child that arises in the mother’s womb. Namely, the information in the form of sperm was brought into another information unit, namely the ovum, where the whole thing in turn was composed or woven together with the surrounding energy, which in turn is information, including the Prana, as well as the weaver weaves the threads together into a fabric.

As I have said several times, I am the cause and my Beauty is the effect. This can also be better assessed and represented with the 2+1 forces in Hinduism. The world arises from the desire of my Beauty. Desire means change. So, desire is the effect of a change, and I am the first Gnana-Shakti and the first Kriya-Shakti moving from stillness, so a desire is primarily imaginary. Only creating makes it real.

One more play on words at the end: The English word SuRReal → Sujanthan is real or another play on words in Tamil SuJanThan → [சுகமான யானையை தந்தவன்] Sukamana Janaijai Thanthavan → This is me as Vinayagar. 

Quote by: John Archibald Wheeler

It from bit symbolizes the idea that every item of the physical world has at bottom … an immaterial source and explanation … that all things physical are information-theoretic in origin and this is a participatory universe.

Just another definition of Shiva and Shakti, i.e. Purusha and Prakriti? Or it is ignorance, arrogance, fear, …?

The final Countdown!

[Last Update: 22.11.2016]



The Begining of all and the End of all!

சிவாய நம என்றால் = பிறப்பு அளிப்பது + வரம் அளிப்பது + பிறப்பு அழிப்பது


Shivalingam with Transparent Background

Shivalingam with Transparent Background

ஒன்றானவன், உருவில் இரண்டானவன் – You are single, but in body you are dual

ஒன்றானவன், உருவில் இரண்டானவன் –
You are single, but in body you are dual

[Last Update: 11.08.2016]

 பாடியவர்: கே. பி. சுந்தரம்பாள்
 Artist: K. B. Sundarambal (Queen of the Indian stage)
 பாடலாசிரியர்: கண்ணதாசன்
 Lyricist: Kannadasan (King of Poet)
 படம்: திருவிளையாடல்
 Film: Thiruvilaiyadal (Song from a Tamil Devotional Film)

ஒன்றானவன், உருவில் இரண்டானவன்
You are single, but in body you are dual [Shiva & Parvathy]

உருவான செந்தமிழில் மூன்றானவன்
In the Tamil that evolved, you are a trinity

நன்றான வேதத்தில் நான்கானவன்
In the virtuous tenets, you are quartet

நமச்சிவாய என ஐந்தானவன்
In the verse “Na-ma-si-va-ya”, you are a pentad

இன்பச் சுவைகளுக்குள் ஆறானவன்
In gustatory perception, you are a hexad

இன்னிசை ஸ்வரங்களில் ஏழானவன்
In musical notes, you are a heptad

சித்திக்கும் பொருள்களில் எட்டானவன்
In rumination, you are an octad

தித்திக்கும் நவரச வித்தானவன்!
You are a cherubic ennead germ!

பத்தானவன், நெஞ்சில் பற்றானவன்!
You are a tenner and beloved!

பன்னிருகை வேலவனைப் பெற்றானவன்!
You are the begetter of the twelve handed Velavan!

முற்றாதவன்! மூல முதலானவன்!
You are prime, the origin and has no end!

முன்னைக்கும் பின்னைக்கும் நடுவானவன்!
You are in equidistance from the former and the latter!

ஆணாகிப் பெண்ணாகி நின்றானவன்!
You stood as the duple of man and women!

அவை ஒன்று தான் ஒன்று சொன்னானவன்!
You said they have equal status!

தான் பாதி உமை பாதி கொண்டானவன்!
Half your body is Uma [≡ Parvathy≡Prakriti*≡Seetha]!

சரி பாதி பெண்மைக்குத் தந்தானவன்!
You bestowed an equal half to woman!

காற்றானவன், ஒளியானவன்! நீரானவன் நெருப்பானவன்!
You circulated as air, you beamed as light,
you became a source of water, you flare as a blaze!

நேற்றாகி இன்றாகி என்றைக்கும் நிலையான ஊற்றாகி நின்றானவன்!
You are the past, present and eternal!

அன்பின் ஒளியாகி நின்றானவன்!
You burst as a spring and radiate your warmth!


* Prakriti¹:
These thoughts are derived from the Samkhya philosophy. Thereafter all activities of the natural forces are modifications in the prakriti. Purusha on the other hand is mind, consciousness and completely inactive. This view is expressive in the goddess Kali who dances on the lying body of Shiva. Shiva is here pure consciousness, mind, inactive and perfectly quiet. All energy and activity comes from the female principle, the nature, the prakriti.


¹ Michael von Brück & Bede Griffiths: “Bhagavad Gita – Aus dem Sanskrit übersetzt, eingeleitet und erläutert von Michael von Brück”, (1993), ISBN: 3-466-20373-2 [German book]

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