The only truth, the many facets and names

As I already have written in one of my posts, there are many different names and forms for the one and only truth. It may be that this isn’t understandable or even not acceptable for one or the other, but it doesn’t change the truth, that there is only one truth and nothing else. If we call Allah (Islam), father our (Christianity), Adonai (Judaism) or whatever we want – it is not important for the first. It is only important just to know that it is the One Godhead with different names and forms. If this thought is not pleasant or sympathetic for one, it is better to consider what makes one not be able to accept or want to. If it is based on hatred, stupidity, blindness, unusualness or a combination of them should everyone answer it first.

It was not the work of God. People made it that there are so many national borders, religions, etc. It is the nature of man to mark everything as his/her or others own. There are also a few extreme among them, who would want to mark everything as theirs and of course they tried this in the past and has failed e. g. Hitler or Napoleon from the younger period or the many religious wars and proselytization of different religions, cultures, etc.

Just because it is the nature of human being – it does not mean that this behaviour is correct and that it will be unpunished, irrespective of the currently cleaning procedure, which is in its final state.