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The Metamorphosis à la Franz Kafka

[Last Update: September 15th, 2021]

The trueness of a story is always only that what the audience believe. (Quote by Hermann Hesse)

Another way to interpret this quotation: Sometimes people see only what they want to see and not that what they really see. What is the truth now about a story, what the listener wants to believe or is there a truth above all – the absolute truth – think about this! 

Addendum: 09:35 Wednesday, September 15th, 2021

I just happened to see the documentary “Das Abenteuer der Manuskripte (3v4) – Der Vertrauensbruch hinter Kafkas ‘Der Prozess’” on Arte‘s YouTube channel.

What I personally found interesting is that the only document from Kafka, which is kept in Germany, more precisely, in the Marbach literature archive, according to this documentation film is, his work with the title “The Trial” which is also unfinished, and the description that Kafka does not understand the worldthat is the humanity“. Perhaps this was the view of the divine 😉.

At the moment, or for several years now, I am also doing the trial against humanity in Germany. It is also called "The Day of Judgment".

What I also found interesting is the number 161, which is mentioned in one of the articles in the FAZKafkas ‘Prozess’ in Marbach: Unergründliche Ordnung“.