My political education

[Last Update: 15th August 2017]

Politics was the last domain of knowledge which I had dealt with. I have begun to deal with it intensively, first in the new century as I was already in the developing phase of an adult, shortly after my teenage phase, that the non-dealing with it, is even counterproductive for my personal development, as well as for my education. This domain of knowledge was, according to my conviction, not justifiable with (my) philosophy. Politics had for me the taste of intrigue, machinations, corruption etc., thus Machiavellian, whereby the eponym Niccolò Machiavelli may not be responsible for this kind of negative association of his name.

Something important about my person: The only domain so far, where I got an academic degree, is computer science (specialized in software engineering) with the final grade 1.3 (very good). Of course, I gained additional knowledge in this field also through autodidactic performance, but in all other fields, such as philosophy, physics, technology, psychology, etc., the acquisition of knowledge was only autodidactically possible. Now perhaps the one or the other wonders why psychology. I began with psychology at the end of the last century, because I was very irritated by the way people behaved, because their behavior was not my own or of the people I knew. I looked for scientific explanations for these behaviors, later I started also with neurosciences. Of course, dealing with this knowledge domain also had advantages in other fields, from computer science to politics, etc., but this is a separate topic!

Knowledge is fundamentally important – but please do not confuse it with “who is eloped with whom” 😉, this kind of curiosity, does not have to do with the knowledge curiosity. It is even counterproductive, so at least in excess 😉. Why is knowledge fundamental important? So, that what has happened in the world is not repeated again!

For this reason, here some few sources, to be able to deepen one’s knowledge in the field of politics and history:

The list here, I will add on my other website (Dhivyah.Com) too, but adding more sources and links will be proceeded only there! Why I run two websites has didactic reasons!

I can, of course, write all the articles of my website in a scientific style. Firstly, we all do not have the time, and secondly, I cannot reach everyone in this way because it will deter them! If you want to have it, then you must do this by your own or as a collective. I will show here on my website “GG-Art18 – The Imperative” only the connections / associations and some ways to achieve it.

Apropos GG-Art18 stands for Article 18 of the German constitutional law1. What the definition of the term “the imperative” is, should be clear for everyone in the meantime 😉.

My first attempts to walk with the rule of law

My first attempt to walk

Like every German citizen, I was compelled to military service and was recruited in 1999 for it. Since I wanted to get to know the German armed forces more closely, it was OK for me. After my basic training, I was assigned to the company for maintenance. For this I was trained in Cologne as an electromechanical weapon inspector for the panzer Leopard II and returned to my old casern 363 in Külsheim near Tauberbischofsheim.

For every military worker, there is a specific amount for additional qualifications provided, which can be used by everyone. So, it came to the way that I took part in few computer science courses, like e. g. C++ course. For this additional qualification, special leave could be applied so that one does not have to make use of the normal annual leave. Since the legal text was formulated in such a way that the special leave can be granted but not must, so my application was unfortunately rejected by the company. Since I have not been satisfied with the decision to interpret the legal text in this way, I have applied in writing to the Commissioner of defense, Mrs. Claire Marienfeld, I thing. So, it came to that, that my application was granted by Mrs. Claire Marienfeld.

For me it was not aware at that time, that I would draw a lot of attention.

My second attempt to walk

The second major project, where I single-handedly exhausted the resources of the rule of law, thus without a lawyer and the help of others, was for my daughter’s family name.

To understand the whole thing, the following background information should be known: My former wife had Sri Lankan citizenship and the marriage was carried out in Sri Lanka because, according to the Hindu tradition, the wedding ceremony is held in the place of the bride.

Hindus do not3 have a family name in the classical way or understanding, as it is the case nowadays with Christians and other religious members. The focus is on the word nowadays, but in the early time, I thing up to the 15th century, it was just as with the Hindus. The unofficial variant of the introduction of the family name could have had indirect to do with the current enlightenment work, but this again is a separate topic.

So, it came to, that my wife had my personal name (first name) as her family name. The Hindu tradition line is based on the patronymic naming. The personal name (first name) of the father or of the husband is the family name of the children or of the wife. According to the German law text, this is called “Namenskette” can be translated as “cname chain” and the term “family name” is not correct.

Until the birth of my daughter (21st September 2006) it was self-evident to me that I would lead the name as this is usual in the Hindu tradition. Unfortunately, the authority in Bad Friedrichshall, which is responsible for issuing the birth certificate, saw this differently and so the case landed by the local district court of Heilbronn. The local district court of Heilbronn judged it for the benefit of the public officer from the authority in Bad Friedrichshall, so I had filed an objection. Then the case went to the next legal authority, to the regional court of Heilbronn and there I got my justice and there I got my justice and so the birth certificate was issued after almost five months of fighting on 16th February 20074. All this I had to do it on my own and acquiring the juridical knowledge myself too. This was a huge challenge for me, because there were parallel other things which have been to do. It is a very different league to represent myself by the court without a lawyer, rather than the complaint made by the Commissioner of defense.


Why I am writing all this is, that in spite of the current situation and the enlightenment, one should not lose the hope in the rule of law. A good education is absolutely necessary, so that one is not taken for a ride by a public officer, authorities or anyone else – unless one has the financial capacity to compensate this 😉!

This article should not be interpreted as a call to overload the courts, with complaints such as “My neighbor’s apple tree throws its fruits on my property or similar” 😉. The laws have been made for a living with each other and not for a living against each other!

In my first attempt to walk, I was concerned that a law should not be interpreted to the detriment of the weak, and in the second attempt to walk, I was concerned to preserve the rights anchored in the German Constitution so that one’s own culture or religion is not assimilated, just by accepting the German citizenship.

In the meantime, I know that the targeted devilish struggle, which has lasted for more than 17 years of my life, is slowly throwing off its fruits and is not a hindrance to pending reunification. Apropos the devilish struggle, I have only been able to correctly allocate it in the year of 2010. My previous attempts at explanation were partly doomed to failure.


1 English translation of this law:
Who tries to combat the freedom of expression in particular the freedom of the press (Article 5.1), academic freedom (Article 5.3), freedom of assembly (Article 8), freedom of association (Article 9), privacy of correspondence, posts and telecommunications (Article 10), the property (Article 14), legislation on asylum (Article 16a)2, against the free democratic basic order, losses these fundamental rights. The forfeiture and its extent are pronounced by the Federal Constitutional Court.

2 Looks like as if it was guided by God’s hand and not the product of the 209 years’ search. Without this law, I wouldn’t be here 😉 my dear beauty74.

3 There is a similar construct, it is called Gotra

4 Divine intervention. Apropos Dhivyah (திவ்யா) also mean divine (திவ்யம்)