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Knowledge, another form of power

There is enough information on the Internet, but it is sometimes unsuitable for scientific purposes because the sources do not meet the standards of science. It is for everyone advisable to continue one’s education. I sometimes get the feeling that people are living the ideology that if one put a little effort on one’s brain it can be spared, as it may sometimes be the case with everyday things. This does not apply to our most important organ; the opposite is the case!

I would like to quote an old Tamil proverb for the end:

கற்றது கையளவு
கல்லாதது உலகளவு.

Translated it means, what you know has the dimension of a fist, compared to what you do not know, it is as big as the entire world / the universe.

Or even shorter:
What you know is the size of a fist – what you do not know is as big as the world / the universe.


Only knowledge can protect everyone from that, what is currently happening all over the world. Hope that when the purification procedure is over, it will never be needed again for a yuga, or these downgrades of yugas will no longer be the case – except for one’s own karma, it is always enduring. For information, we are in Kali Yuga after the Hindu age.

By-the-way (btw):
Wissenschaft [→ science] = Wissen erschaffen [→ create knowledge]
Wissenschaft [→ science] ≠ Wissen begraben [→ burying knowledge]

I will give you a few sources here, how and where you can possibly get free electronic books, etc., then gradually expand them without getting this post to the foreground each time.

The links to the free eBooks pages as well as the online sources can be only found in the future here: