Color theory, coding and camouflage

The terms “color theory and coding” should be now clear to everyone (at least those who have read my other article), but for the most the term “camouflage” will be strange, unless one is from the military 😉. Camouflage is by Oxford dictionary described as to hide something. In computer science, it is a software which can hide any file in another file. For example, a Word document file is disguised as a JPG image file. One needs two files, for example, Word document file to be hidden and a JPG image file in which the other file is hidden. If you double-click this file, this file will be opened as an image file. Only those who are aware of the hidden file can do something with it.

Here are some examples with explanations

Example 1

Let’s take the Telecom color magenta, it consists of 50% blue portion and 50% red portion. When it is in RGB-Hex encoded, like the colors in WWW are mostly coded, then it looks as follows RGBHex (FF, 0, FF).

Example 2

Now we take a closer look at one of the main colors of the auto brand AUDI. According to the corporate design of the company it is defined as CMYK (0/100/80/5), see page 32 of the above PDF document. Now we apply some arts from the field of camouflage 😉:

The magenta value is 100 according to the CMYK specification. From the RGB coding we know that this is 50% blue and 50% red. According to the CMYK specification, the value Y (Y stands for “Yellow”) is also assigned and it is indicated with 80. If one correctly put all this together, one can extract the following information:

  • Blue = 40%
  • Red = 40%
  • Yellow/Green = 20%

Sentence 1:
Because mostly everything is derived from blue, the number 5 is the key value.

Sentence 2:
Because everything is derived from blue, the number 5 is the key value.

Can both sentences be true at the same time? Yes, they can. You just need to know the context.

The human perception of colors

Colors do not actually exist in the physical sense. They only arise in our brain. In the physical sense, colors are only reflection and absorption of light with specific wavelength. Part of the light are absorbed by the irradiated body and other parts are reflected. The colors black and white are not even considered as a color in the classical sense, in the physical sense one define something as black when everything is absorbed and the impression of white arises through the complete reflection.

The bees, for example, perceive the colors quite different as the human being, see this article “…The photo-receptivity of the “eyes” of other species…”

One should perhaps, not specifically in this context, but in general, deal with the Hindu concept of “Maya” (மாயை). This is very important, in order to understand the Absolute Truth.

By the way

In Hinduism, the color blue stands for Shiva and Vishnu. Another name for Shiva is NilaKandan [நீலகண்டன்] (nila [நீலம்] = blue and kanda [கண்ட] = part). Krishna is shown with blue skin tone.

Shiva’s third eye should also be known to everyone, at least the Blue origin group knew this. This sign can also be found in various other places. The number five is also for Shiva, the Blue origin group also knew this – the others also, but they won’t accept it in the public.