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What is science? (Part 2)

As I have already indicated in part 1, science demands reproducible data in order to be able to make conclusions and to create hypotheses, which are then substantiated with facts or brought to fall with a counterevidence or similar. There are also hypotheses or model corpses, that are (competing) hypotheses or models that have existed for some time, which have not been falsified or confirmed.

Some models cannot gain a foothold in the science because one can quickly be labeled as an outsider or pseudo scientist. I’m not talking about the devils animated personalities who try to propagandize the earth in the 21st century as a disc again and trying to prove it. These are simple puppets who like to sacrifice themselves for an article in the Bildzeitung (one of the Germans Yellow Press). But this move by the devil has several reasons. But that’s not the case here.

I’m talking about models or hypotheses that can completely change the foundation of human thinking. One can take the above example of the world view, which was officially considered as true, few centuries ago. If only one person has dared to correct the world view, not to regard the world as a disk, but as a sphere1, then he or she has quickly landed at the stake.

There are texts from Hinduism that are officially dated to the 1st or 2nd or 7th or 8th century BC. I am not sure who wrote the text of the two authors (Andal or Avvaiyar), but in this poem the world is represented as a globe and even the functioning and origin of the weather is explained.

Many wonder why most Hindu texts, which also contain scientific information, have been formulated in poetic form and sometimes ambiguous, that is coded or encrypted. One of the answers is that poetry can be better memorised through its form. Errors in the reproduction can be found quickly, comparable to the parity bit from computer science. The coding or encryption also serves to ensure that the information contained, does not fall into the wrong hands. In addition, the acoustics plays a major role in Hinduism. Many are unaware of how important this is.

The word “OM” is not only considered as the (all-pervasive) sound2 of the universe, it also symbolizes the creation and the end of the universe. One can pronounce the word “OM” by exhaling as well as by inhaling. Give it a try yourself. Would it be, for example the loud “LU“, one cannot pronounce it by inhaling.

What does inhaling and exhaling have to do with the creation of the universe? The current accepted theory by the scientists states that the universe was born from the singularity (exhale = expand) and eventually contracts again (inhale = pull back to the singularity).

Where I want to set the focus in this article is, to understand that certain theories and punishments can influence people’s science and the way of thinking. The punishments today (perhaps) look different, for example, that one is not recognized by the elites of the sciences and then perhaps loses even the status as a reputable scientist. Yes, fear and intimidation work everywhere. Even in the current purification3 procedure, which is carried out by me, the devilish try to use it to get more cannon fodder. Apropos, on my side I’m speaking of warnings and the execute the punishments, but I do not threaten. One should be able to differentiate this.

If one teaches the people that humans only have five senses, then they cannot come to the point that human beings may also have another sixth sense4, which does not necessarily fit in the current way of categorization. I even think I have read that the feeling of temperature has recently been accepted as a further sensory perception. Of course, by different categorization or definition, the number or content can be manipulated, see for example the number of continents in my article “The Hidden Sciences in Hinduism: An Introduction – Part 1“.


1 There are evidences that in the Western world, in very higher status in the Church as well as in the normal politics among the nobles, this was also known, but one has deliberately kept the public fool. Everybody that (in the sciences) created with these personalities was burned at the stake.
2 The acoustics, that are the acoustic waves, need a medium like the air to spread out. The normal space is empty, there is almost vacuum, and the temperature is almost at the absolute zero of 3 Kelvin, that is about -270 °C.
3 If you learn to accept this, then maybe it can protect you. The emphasis is on the word “can”.

4 For example, that the human body is capable of processing electromagnetic fields, as it is understood by the term “sixth sense“. By animals, it is officially proven that they have organs or receptors for electric and / or magnetic fields, but of course not in the context what we understand under “sixth sense”.