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The Infinite Creator’s power and the limited technical power/science

The Infinite Creator’s power and the limited technical power/science

[Last Update: 13th May 2018]

For those who thinks that the technical achievements in the science is the one and only truth. There is an upper limit for the technically feasible, independent of that what the science of the recent years and centuries falsely suggest. It horrifies me when I see reports on TV or read in the specialist literature / magazine. I wonder which university teach so much wrong / erroneous knowledge, or which university / college gave these academic scientists their academic degrees.

In 2007, I already tried to address a topic from astrophysics (String theory) on my website. One should not forget that mathematic is only a language / instrument and not a natural law / law of nature (not like physics or other disciplines) viz. one can use the mathematic to present highly complex models which plays from the mathematical point of view on a very high level, but this does not mean that it represents the nature at all. This is comparable to a juggler who is juggling with balls and performing very complex movements. The Mathematic is like this. Just because it is mathematically correct and therefore free of contradictions, it is not said yet that this is true – in the sense of being naturally given or representing the nature.

Another wrong suggestion from physics is, when scientists try to propagate the possibility of time travels from Albert Einstein’s theory of relativity. This is nonsense! The time dilation is a result of different reference systems.

Back to the core point of this post. There is an upper limit in physics or what is technically (theoretically) feasible. This is illustrated by the thought experiment Laplace’s demon. I have corrected one of the wrong interpretation in artificial intelligence with my post “Disarming the contradiction of the halting problem“, which does not mean that the correction leads to the fact that there is no upper limit in the artificial intelligence. The quantum computers are also subject to this upper limit! Everything technically feasible underlie this upper limit or in other words: everything in the physical world have a (upper) limit.

Not only in physics is charlatanism practiced, in many other disciplines too. In this matter the Mankind does not differ from the people 1000 years ago. The technical achievement has only created more space and possibilities for charlatanry. They do not try to violate the laws /rules  of causality with the new achievements so that one can remain undetected for a long time!

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