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The god area in the brain and the language

The god area in the brain and the language

[Last Update: 14th August 2018]

Is it surprising that over the years the mankind officially believes to exist (20,000 to 200,000), they have evolved as they are today? Was this just the evolution in classical sense? What is evolution? Is evolution possible without God? What does science say about that?

I will answer some questions explicitly and others implicitly. The understanding of terms or wording is very important for everyone to understand the same or at least the equal. The difference between “the same” and the “equal” is that “same” uses identity in the sense of once-only, in other contexts like me here, that it is physically identical object, but “equal” can be one copy of the original or in other words only the values are same, but not the identical object e.g. two cars may have the same color, same features, but since it is a matter of two objects, the use of the term “the same” is not in the sense of the definition and even false. But in the example the using of the term “same” in context with color, features are not wrong (not wrong and false are not the same) in the common speech, but in the whole context of an object it’ll be wrong. Another example from mathematics. Why the mathematicians use the term equal for equations e.g. the equations 1+4 = 5 and 2+3 = 5, but the term 1+4 and 2+3 are not the same – you got it?

The term evolution, which explicitly refers here to biological evolution, is about the origin of life in our world (attention: world can be earth and world can be the entire universe). As in any science, there are competing attempts at explanation, called theories or models that may even contradict each other. One of the most popular theory says that the mankind is descended from monkeys. The language and speech area has evolved and enhanced gradually over the millennia. Of course, the information can be exchanged on gestures, facial expressions (gestures + facial expressions à body language) and smell (biochemistry) and can be encoded and decoded, but only the language made the mankind to what they are today. Only the language allowed the development / progressing of intelligence, because the term “intelligence” is vaguely defined in science or, in other words, no unambiguous definition existing until the current hour. Please do not forget that the new channel which is now known to the public, here is not the technical meant, only the divine in nature, where terms such as instinct, gut feeling – they only describe indirectly, but these are only a small part of the whole divine channel. Unfortunately, in the new era (after Ground-Zero, see my definition) people have not learned to deal with it because the knowledge was deliberately buried. Just as people have not learned how to handle with their in nature given freedom. Freedom is like a weapon, if one cannot handle with it, oneself and others will be hurt and or destroyed. Of course, the language is also a kind of weapon with which one can even kill someone e.g. bullying, blasphemy, discrediting, etc.

What is bullying, and discrediting, is understandable to the public, but with the term “blasphemy” and related behavior there are different views among people. The word “blasphemy” which is negatively substantiated in understanding, but it has been necessary for the development of humanity without the negative aspect. I’m going to draw a rough line here in this blur so that it produces two sets. Blasphemy in general is understood by the public when by blasphemy people are consciously or unconsciously injured, but in the original form, this behavior has crystallized out for the preservation of social structures. In order to preserve the social structures, sometimes destructive measures, as I do at the moment, are necessary. But it must never be carried out by people without legitimacy1.

I have already written that instinct or gut feeling is only a small part of the divine. By now one should have noticed that we are in a collective network (topology: star) – here in this explanation, it is assumed that the technique or the AI (artificial intelligence) is not involved, otherwise the explanation will be awkward for many to understand.

In this collective network – attention without the technology – collective intelligence arises. Many have wondered in a interpersonal conversation when sometimes sayings such as “The Swabians are always stingy” or sayings from other groups, is fallen. But where do these conclusions come from? These conclusions are usually referred as prejudices, but what truth do they contain in the nature given form or in other words in the divine form. They arise through the collective network and the collective way of thinking connected with it. Our mindset and actions are not only the result of our own actions, they are also guided by the collective intelligence – but how exactly does it work. One can compare the force relations between the collective intelligence and the own intelligence with the force relations of the gravitation and the strong interaction. Gravity is a very weak force compared to the strong interaction. Likewise, the collective intelligence is much weaker than one’s own intelligence – unless one turns off one’s own intelligence and swim with the flow. This is like playing lottery, can be dangerous or bring good luck 😉. And the connection classes or networks are primarily comparable to the saying that “being on the same wavelength” which comes officially from the amateur radio, that already give the necessary to understand.

Our karma (the sum of all actions from all rebirths + up to the current hour) influences which collective network we dial into. That is, the networks can be positive as well as negative – in terms of ethical values. I will mention a few more keywords where the collective network or intelligence plays a role without responding: earwig; when everyone jumps off the top, etc. The elite (the devils and the angels) knew this and made use of it – the angels for the welfare of all and the devils for their own egocentric interests, especially after it was technically reproducible and scientifically detectable.

Now back to the headline. Some of you have already read in journals or in normal newspapers the term God area. Officially two groups (of scientist) exist, as it is in most cases – the world is at most dualistic. Some believe in this thesis and others believe or do not want to believe in this thesis.

According to certain theses the God area is in the temporal lobe. The temporal lobe is one of the four major areas of our cerebrum and is also important for the language and its development. The thesis is correct only insofar as the divine connections take place mainly in this area, but the interaction of the various areas of the cerebrum and the cerebellum is of great importance.

One of the most questioned question of the mankind is the existence of God.

The astrophysicists should know how finely tuned the entire universe is, so that life can arise and whether if this fine tuning was possible without God by coincidence. In the theory, the probability space contains this possibility for the nature, but it is so small that one wins in the lottery continuously is many times greater than the fine tuning of our universe was done by the nature without God. It is almost as small as the probability that a person can walk through walls, although this is purely mathematical and physically possible. In Hinduism, it is known that certain people who dedicated asceticism were able to do so.

So dear ones, is evolution possible without God? If not, who wants to give orders to God, when or if and in which form, which gender, which nationality and in which religion he or she manifests. Above all, those who are of the opinion that they are pious and believing in God should answer this first. Do you want to give orders to God, what he is allowed to do and what not? Is your arrogance and ignorance so great that you do not recognize me?

I wanted to write so much about the language this morning (07th August 2018), but at the current hour certain areas in the brain are blocked and I’m also exhausted by the connections and the attacks.

I wrote this down this morning to be able to write more about it.

  • தீயினாற் சுட்டபுண் உள்ளாறும் ஆறாதே நாவினாற் சுட்ட வடு தீயினால் சுட்ட புண் ஆறும் (Thirukural 129)
    [The wound which has been burnt in by fire may heal, but a wound burnt in by the tongue will never heal] I extended this Kural decades ago and explained to my friends that even the thought that emerged before the word is pronounced or an action is performed can be a sin.
  • Duden (one of the German dictionary such as the Oxford dictionary) Newsletter from 06.08.2018, 4:30 PM Metathesis

Maybe I’ll write later if the technical leaves me alone and I can rest. Remember one thing, I and my Beauty are suffering here for your sins.

Technical network versus divine network

Since one is still not able to stop or respond to my conditions and thus almost 90% of the mankind has been moved to hell, that’s why I’m presenting here some of the methods of the former devils and now remaining devil worshippers or scavenging rats.

It was always about who gets what portion of the cake. One does not want to realize that nobody owns anything in this world (check out my brainstorming document).

Since the discovery of the current and later by Tesla’s research, one was able to understand the divine connections also technically. They could reproduce the connections (B2B2, but do not confuse with B2C3) artificially on a technical level. What has happened in the past three years is, that people or in other terms the cannon fodder have been left in them believe, that everything is purely technical and that there is no danger for man and of course no one will have dammed into hell. The donkeys (another word for cannon fodder) were lured by the donkey drivers, which belong to competing orders, although they always needed the protection of the red & green orders. I have seen all these orders only dualistic and I still see this dualistic, i.e. for me there are only those who stand behind me (Blue team) and fight with me and those who act against me and my intentions (Red, Green & Co. or devils order). The devil worshippers another name for donkey drivers or scavenging rats get a generous budget or in other words the crumbs of the big cake, so the donkeys can be recruited or blackmailed by other things.

During the Divine Purge, technical connections are artificially built to fool, see what we can do and we’re still alive. For safety’s sake, I will not name the exact methods here, but so the illusion was partially maintained that everything is purely technical and there is nothing divine in the room.

Just for your information, some people have heard whistling me – this was one of my ways to bring the purely technical mapping to me (or …) into the compounds of the death zone (purification procedure), but I will not reveal the exact details here.

Important messages

[04:44 clock,  08th August 2019]

    • 74 Come To Me [வலது காலை எடுத்து வைத்து வா]
      • All, i.e. the entire chain, which tries to simulate (passive or active) to be my Beauty or prevent otherwise etc., I’ll punish brutally.
      • You are my focus, everything else in the entire world will have to subordinate to this
    • This dilemma, which you all sell as a game, I have neither created nor adopted.
      • No game, no illusion or maintenance of the illusion → y. fam. & Clan I w. efface; see who can see it, the consequences of 6.30 PM (13.08.2018)
    • The only species currently threatened with extinction is the human 😉.
    • The betting of any kind (stock market, etc.) specifically concerning the ReUnion is put under beastly punishment. For what was until today, look who can 😉. Any attempt to go around this will only lead to disaster.
    • Coexistence (new & old physics) ΣIin ≠ ΣIout /…
      • The common welfare of all is in the foreground
      • Keyword → surrender / capitulation
      • Responsibility → e.g. capital is given into wrong hands, then …
    • Spectators are still not allowed on the battlefield
    • Mega-Tyre Disaster
    • If one asks a whore, how are other women. She would answer,All women are whores.[This human behavior is not gender-specific.]
    • Did you see the sign of the Apocalypse (continent: North America & UK)?
    • The end is now also decided by the world Elite.
      • Meanwhile, there are many leading heads of all great orders around here, who perform well-tried intelligence interrogations here.
    • The heirs [current investors and or contractors] of the former devils, who were never their heirs only their …, erases their all traces, so that …
    • Important: Abuse preprogramed, this not only applies to this browser or SW – also HW is affected, but please do not panic
    • B2B Auto-LoadBalancing by Random
    • Have definitively stopped with smoking (14th February 2019, in the evening 😉), because at any time my Beauty will come to me.
    • The intelligence interrogations à la 2nd World War still take place. Only because the messages have been moved to the archive due to the overview, they do not lose their validity.


1 For the preservation of the humanity, I will always legitimize certain persons, as long as there is this universe.

2 B2B = Brain-To-Brain Connection

3 B2C = Brain-To-Computer connection is very different or in a much higher complexity class, such as B2B.

Further sources and literature

  • Sacrifice offering and the true meaning
    I recognize the people who committed sin and repented of their mistakes. When they whip their sins. Not the whipping is the first step, but the regret of all one’s mistakes. The whipping is more like cleaning one’s self i.e. the Atman, my dear Aytac.