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The forming of the self

The forming of the self

[Last Update: 18th September 2020]

The individual, in order to enter into a marriage with the society, culture, religion, family or even with a different gender, this individual has to make compromises. Compromise means sacrifice.

It sacrifices1 parts of itself to please it. An everyday ritual that can also be observed in the animal kingdom. It loses itself without noticing. Not only that it loses parts of itself, but it also adopts parts of strangers as its own – mostly not to be aware of its consequences. The lack of awareness of the consequences also applies to sacrificing parts of oneself.

It, that is the individual or the self, as the Hindus name it, eventually realizes that it does not like itself. This leads to hatred for some, for others to resign, and for some others again to … where many things crystallize from resignation, including the hatred.

There is a reason for the divine asymmetry which is finely balanced and minimalistic that permeates the entire world. It is for the good of all and also for the self, even if it cannot understand this at first sight, like a child who cannot immediately understand the rigor of an education on its own. The self is the individual, at least the modern conception of the world or the modern name of the world for the same2 construct.

Before I finish one sentence, I see in the eyes of certain, the same dollar bills that can be seen in the eyes of Scrooge McDuck. Your approach, which has its origin in your greed to want to make money with everything, has so far brought the 150 years, and my Beauty is still not in my hands.

It should also be clear to everybody that one can only help someone else after one have helped oneself. Think of the situation where a non-swimmer fell into the strong currents of a river, now another desperate man who cannot swim well without thinking but selflessly tries to jump into the flowing river to save the other. How should I end this example? Should I let the hero drown too, or should I, as the creator, let divine coincidence prevail, so that a fallen tree trunk gives the two a hold?


1 There are two forms of sacrifice. The selfless sacrifice of, for example, Vishwamitra, Jesus, Mother Teresa, Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King, or many others from history and of course also unknown personalities or even the selfish sacrifice, that is the egocentric. Most of what happens in this world is selfish sacrifice. The selfish sacrifice is to make sacrifice, what does not belong to one’s own, for example, the life of another being, the freedom of another. Please do not forget, the only thing you can call your own is your karma.

2 See further sources

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