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Latest and past news from politics, culture and science

Latest and past news from politics, culture and science

[Last Update: 27th January 2018, Page 4 → SPD]

Diesel scandal – Part 1

Regardless of the situation, or rather how the topic perhaps is to be understood for the world publicity, the government cannot burden or punish the people/folk. The duty of the government is to represent the interest of the people and to protect them, and not only to protect the interests of a few who believe to be almighty and have thus also positioned themselves with their technical and material wealth in the society. Almighty is not (only) pointed to the automobile industry, many entered marriages are mixed marriages as you already know or and partial Gentlemen’s Agreement.

If the government pass a law for driving prohibitions or similarly burdensome, this will primarily hit hard the grass roots, which are already burdened by the current situation. Regardless of who decides – how and for whom, should the almighty be sure that the Day of Judgement is in progress – perhaps it’ll end in the total destroying of everything. To search for alternative ways, which in turn burdens the same people, would be foolish.

By the way

Just because officially some people carry out a (verbal) fight, it does not mean that they must be enemies – perhaps they are friends 😉.

Just because someone says that he is not green, it doesn’t mean that he is not green, see this video (by timecode: ca. 4min). It is unfortunately quite vulgar – actually it is already ordinary, but anyway it is important to understand the techniques of those evils and their helpers. You must sign in to YouTube with your Google Account, then you can watch this video because the language is not recommended for all ages. Do not worry about the login process, regarding this video!

Here is another article (sadly only in German language), where green in the double pack seems not green.

GreenYellow, see RGB and three primary colors (blue, red, yellow) 😉*LOL*.

But mathematically → Contradiction! 😉

  • Equation 1 → ColorSpace = X1*Red + X2*Yellow + X3*Blue,
    where X1, X2 and X3 are variables

    • Important NOTE:
      If X1, X2 and X3 constants, then it is not a color space, only a color
  • Equation 2 → ColorSpace = Y1*Red + Y2*Green + Y3*Blue,
    where Y1, Y2 and Y3 are variables

    • Important NOTE:
      If Y1, Y2 and Y3 constants, then it is not a color space, only a color

→ X1*Red + X2*Yellow + X3*Blue ≠ Y1*Red + Y2*Green + Y3*Blue

Mixed marriages – One can also encode like this 😉 – but one do not have to

  • RGB Code für die Farbe Magenta50% Blau + 50 % Rot = Magenta,
    oder RGBDez(255; 0; 255) → RGBHex (FF; 0; FF)

Last but not least

மருண்டவன் கண்ணுக்கு இருண்டதெல்லாம் பேய்

Translated, it means:
Someone who is afraid, sees in the darkness everywhere ghosts.
Someone who is afraid, sees in the dark only ghosts.

I think an explanation is not necessary 😉.

Because some cannot interpret this simple sentence correctly. Here is the correct interpretation in the above context: Not everything must be encoded (in this way), see also the following sentence: “Blue does not always …