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Politics and clarity, unfortunately a contradiction

Politics and clarity, unfortunately a contradiction

I will try to clarify a topic which the media and or the politicians are not able to clarify it – perhaps they can’t or are not allowed to – but current reasons and the upcoming election in Germany as well as in other European countries induce me to write about this topic. Without clarity it’ll be a found food for right-wing parties and organizations.

Anyone who has analysed or merely perceived the topics that have been in the focus of the media and or politicians in recent months and years may have noticed that this topic divides or polarizes the nation – it is nothing else than about the refugee policy.

Regardless of the fact that there have been charlatans among the refugees who may have advanced the polarization, whether by own impulse or extern impulse which can be a natural or non-natural form – for the first we leave it out of focus. The core point is, one should not overlook the fact that the financial support / cash injection which such a refugee policy brings into the foreground stimulates one’s own economy. But what happen is that right-wing populist parties try to conceal all the facts to attract more naive or stupid voters.

Let us assume that a fictitious amount of 25 million euros is made available for refugee policy. What do you think is the percentage which is injected/pumped into the own economy? All the furnishings and equipment (such as beds, chairs, blankets, etc.), food, real estate (which needs to be rented or built), craftsmanship and social workers – who also wanted to be paid, clothes, etc. which a refugee needs to live. What percentage of the 25 million euro will it be – think about it! It will be over 23 million euro or in percentage over 90%, which directly or indirectly benefits the country’s own economy. This is also comparable as if you transfer the money from your right pants pocket into your left pants pocket. This last sentence is fundamental importance. If you’ve read my other posts, you can imagine this better!

The Brexit election in Great Britain and the presidential election in the United States have proved that people are manipulable, regardless of how and when they were manipulated. But this is an own topic. That people are manipulable through words, writings and (devilish) media, has always been known. But the current constellation of things has created even more possibilities of manipulability.

What already happened with the American president Mr. Trump and many of his partners and followers after the election should be clear to everyone. And what is going to happen to the rest of his followers should also be clear.