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Mathematics, only a language? (Part 2)

Mathematics, only a language? (Part 2)

[Last update: 17th January 2018]

It is important for everyone, regardless of which profession one is going to choose or already have chosen, not to be hostile to mathematics. Unfortunately, I have seen that mostly mathematics is used or abused, at least in Germany, to filter students. This is counterproductive, not only for the individual, but also for the entire society. Society1 is nothing other than the sum of the individuals contained therein.

Through intensive study of mathematics, the brain is shaped better and differently, as it may not be possible with other disciplines.

There are roughly three disciplines that specifically shape the brain. The first one is music and arts, the second one is language and the third one is the mathematics. Of course, these three disciplines overlap in the way of shaping – what I mean is, how the areas in the brain take shape and how this affect the way of thinking of an individual.

A well-balanced body, what I mean is sport, also promotes the shaping of the brain and should not be ignored. To disregard this would be counterproductive for the development of the brain and thus for the individual.

Of course, learning of numbers, facts, etc. – with these I specifically mean memorizing – in other words using and training the brain as a large data store, is also helpful, but should not be put in the foreground. To set the focus on mathematical operations such as how quickly one can multiply a large number together, etc. should also not be put in the foreground.


Through the purification procedure which I already execute few years, I know what kind of scum is romping in the heads of many and especially in my head. For the remaining individuals, I would advise to strive better for your future and especially of your children. It should be clear for everyone that not a single individual forms a society. They have put obstacles in the way for the formation of social structures, so that these kinds of scum have crystallized out.

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