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The hidden sciences in Hinduism: Difference Between Maya and Illusion – Part 7

The hidden sciences in Hinduism: Difference Between Maya and Illusion – Part 7

[Last Update: 21st March 2019]

Often terms are equated or used as synonyms, whereby a layman does not notice the difference and / or the mistake immediately, but someone who is rhetorically gifted or someone who can articulates well, can see the intricacies and or the mistakes.

In the last four years, in the second phase of B2B, I’ve extremely noticed that although the words in my articles have been well-considered1, the desired success has been lagging behind in the vast majority of my hoped-for time. On the one hand, this was due to AI (artificial intelligence) or CAI (collective artificial intelligence) and, on the other hand, to understanding or education. For a human being2, the past can no longer be influenced, but to determine the present and to shape the future should be learned. With the last sentence, I want to say that you should all shift up some gears now, so one can move faster.

Now back to the differences of the two terms, I can even make this clear by a concrete example.

Someone who has internalized and understood the philosophy of Hinduism will also find that our physical world is not only partially maya afflicted, but can be fully described as Maya, so the secular knowledge is also Maya, meaning any science, including natural sciences.

Attention, the approach of Hindu scholar3 is different from that of the normal3.1 scholars.

If one replaces the Hindu term Maya with the term illusion, according to the definition and understanding of the term illusion, the existence of physics would be questioned, which cannot be, at the very latest, if one stands in front of a moving bus, one would be convinced of the opposite.

The physics and the entire science is only a playground for adult children who can and should call themselves professors / scientists etc. It is comparable when these adult children play hide and seek Easter eggs with their biological children and grandchildren.

For People who have learned to see their Bodies as their self, the thought that I am the only highest form or instance in the entire universe and beyond, especially in my human form, is very difficult to comprehend. Do not be fooled by my human form, which I took for my Beauty Sina Johanna Sabrina Kaiser. Your behaviour has been sinfully expensive until now, even though I’m passing all of you without any facial expressions in the last few years till now. I am the only one who moves everything here and have always moved, this was first clear to me at my age of 37.4 years.

A psychologist and or a neurologist is looking for the self-awareness in the brain and has a different idea of the self-awareness than a non-specialist who sees that the self-awareness usually represents throughout the whole body, but what is self-awareness actually? What4 is the death and when is one death?


1 For most articles, post-editing was necessary, whether it was spelling mistakes, grammatical mistakes and / or content mistakes due to misinterpretation, is irrelevant for the first time. How the mistakes have crept in, should be clear now for everyone including philologists.

2 The interpretation of the theory of relativity by some popular scientific authors is wrong. The theory of relativity does not say that a journey into the past is possible, but that the time differences are caused by the different frames of reference. A journey through time as well as shown in some science fiction films is in the physical reality nonsense. This was also not possible (and never will be possible) for the departments that have been causing fear and terror throughout the last few years, decades and centuries, i.e. the witch department. Also, do not misinterpret such topics as Reports of alleged time reversal in the quantum computer are not applicable (German article on Heise.de)” I’ve already responded to that topic, see “Message to my girls and boys and rest of the world.pdf→ 7:12 AM; Monday, 5th November 2018.

3 This does not mean that the scholars who have dealt with the Hindu teachings / doctrine but have also understood and internalized the philosophy behind it. Having learned something does not say if one really understood and internalized it.

This philosophy will undoubtedly be found in other cultures and ethnic groups as well, unfortunately, due to the separation of cultures, the true origin was no longer known to most, the knowledge may have faded. Only in one of the world’s major religions, where the origin is officially known, this philosophy is represented, namely in Buddhism. For many it is not known that Buddha came from a Hindu royal family, and his parents feared for his future, that they tried to protect him from what would happen by educating him worldly innocent but what really happened was the opposite namely that they thereby smoothed his way of destiny (fate). The intention of Gautama Buddha was not to establish a new religion, but this again is a chapter for itself.

By the way, not everything related to witchcraft was bad. Much has been forced on these individuals, as in the fable with the goose laying golden eggs. One must learn to differentiate.

3.1 (12:41 PM; Wednesday, 20th March 2019, started to formulate) → Attention, the term “normal” just says that it is the norm. In everyday language, the negated form of the word “normal”, that would be “not normal” in the context of “crazy / mad” is been understood. The Tamil word Pithan (பித்தன்), another name of me as Shiva, should be translated as “the madman”. There is even a Thevaram of Sundarar, which begins with the word “Pithan”: “பித்தா பிறை சூடி (Hey you madman with the crescent moon as jewellery on your head …) → From current occasion, this was the past 😉. Is not an invitation for some brain amputees.”

To understand the word “normal”. One call anything in everyday speech as normal, if that’s the rule. If all cars in Erlenbach are white, then there is talk of: “It is normal for us in Erlenbach that the cars are all white”. The origin Erlenbach resident avoids splurging with something as this is common in a Swabian area, so that one does not draw evil eyes on oneself. Where does this attitude come from? A topic for itself!

4 I could feel how Harald (Lesch) saw myself at 6.59 AM (20th March 2019) in my All-form-presense or multiplicity (referred in Hinduism as Vishvarupa-Darshana), as well as Arjuna, Bhishma (Stefan/Ivan) and many others also saw me in this form too in the current era while the answers to all the questions above emerged from me. One can’t see this form with (human or normal) eyes, one can only experience it with one’s eye of mind.

Above all, the number for the footnote, namely the number four, is suitable for you Harald, namely, you have written the fourth Veda the so-called Atharvaveda first for this universe few million years ago.