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Hidden sciences in Hinduism: Shiva Lingam – Part 3

Hidden sciences in Hinduism: Shiva Lingam – Part 3

[Last Update: 18th December 2019]

Most sources explain the Shiva Lingam as a symbol of fertility. As I have already explained in the two previous articles “The Hidden Sciences in Hinduism“, this is not the only explanation, but rather one of many. Primarily, the Shiva Lingam symbolizes the singularity as it is understood in physics and thus this is the second state அருவுருவம் (transliteration: Aruvuruvam), see the explanation in my article “The transcendent of the number three“. This is the state which cannot be regarded as either form-bounded or formless. The laws of nature and thus related space and time were created shortly after the Big bang, so there can’t be a form. But it is also not a state of formlessness, as can be described before the Big Bang.

Shivalingam, Mount Kailash [AS7488]

Shivalingam, Mount Kailash [AS7488]

The universe is not persistent, it has an end. According to Hinduism, this universe is not the first universe. Since time and space exist only after the Big Bang, the question of the first universe is meaningless nonsensical, see also the title of the image which stands for Shiva. He has no beginning and no end. The origin (root) of everything, even of Shakty is Shiva. This should be clear to everyone.

⇶ Little things cause a catastrophe, because some still cannot / won’t understand with whom they have to do.

The Infinity

The question of infinity (mathematical symbol: ∞) in physics is meaningless, but I use it in context with the purification procedure, where it has its own right to exist.

Purusha & Prakriti

Purusha and Prakriti represent the female and male aspects of the divine in earthly existence. According to my vision, it was my Beauty’s wish to take the female form. Just as everything arise out of me – including Prakriti – everything goes back into me.

In the Wikipedia article about Purusha, it describes that the Varnas, in this article equated with caste beings, originated from prehistoric man, which I am as Shiva.

Take a look at the similarities in sounding and meaning of the Tamil term Varna (வர்ணம்) and the German or even the English word “Variation / variation” for the first time. The real meaning or correct translation of Varna is variation. This is the variation of the life forms, which originated from the prehistoric man and not the different castes as they unfortunately exist. According to this philosophy, /the-sign/ as a phallus is also worshiped in Hinduism and not as a symbol of potency and fertility – this interpretation came later. From the seed of God, that is my seed, and the union with Prakriti, that is my Beauty, the entire nature, that is the world, has arisen.

Complementary sources

Hidden sciences in Hinduism: The Hindu loud “OM” – Part 2

Hidden science in Hinduism: The Hindu loud “OM” – Part 2

[Last Update: 09th September 2017]

According to the Hindu doctrine, the loud OM (in Tamil , in Sanskrit ) is the loud of the universe. It was also the first loud of the universe, after space and time had been created – after the Big Bang. It should be noted that the acoustic sounds, need a medium to spread. The electromagnetic wave, on the other hand, needs no medium to spread. We would all be sitting in the dark or there couldn’t have been life evolved in this form, because light is also an electromagnetic wave and the universe is mostly empty and light then couldn’t have spread. Please also remember that the light (photons) as well as the electrons are dualistic – one is talking about wave-particle duality.

Om is also the loud used in meditations. It plays a large role in different areas – also in other areas of astrophysics and quantum mechanics, unfortunately I can’t get the right connection to the current hour.

When we analyze this loud more closely, we also understand life – this sound begins with an opening vowel and ends with a closing consonant, as well as life, that is, birth and death. Just try to pronounce this loud slowly and focus on your lips or mouth, then you can understand this better.

The sound / loud is essential for life, without it there would be no language and one cannot communicate in this form. Of course, communication on other levels is conceivable or finds use in nature. For example, the communication at the chemical level – the German proverb “Ich kann jemanden nicht riechen → I cannot smell someone” in a transposed sense means “I cannot stand someone or I hate someone” is an allusion to chemical communication. When we choose our life partner, this is not only the case in verbal communication, but also other forms of communication, including the chemical communication. Apropos life partner, for a serious relationship is no app or online portals with any algorithms necessary. I’m not talking about people who are steered by their drive / impulse. This is anyway as a source of income. One can set a fire and later one can extinguish the fire oneself. The subject (person) that sets the fire does not have to be identical with the extinguishing subject (person), but as a group it is possible 😉. This in turn is an own topic.

Those of you who dealt with the Vedas, know that the verses are quoted with a certain rhythm and a certain loud sequence. The Hindu texts have not only science in it, also much more. The sound of the verses sets so much in motion – this in turn is an own topic.

Some of you may have already heard, that e. g. some composition of Beethoven let allows cows to produce more milk. Of course, this can be scientifically explained, but the point which should be considered is, that the knowledge gained in this way can only be marketed better if one obscures the origin, otherwise every farmer will do it so. What the pharmaceutical industry and other branches of industries do is that the knowledge gained from the original (root) science e. g. Ayurveda simply flow into the science without the knowledge of the researching scientists. I mean here the scientists who don’t have the knowledge of e. g. Ayurveda. How should this work? I have already mentioned that the divine in all of us puts sometimes some unconscious signs (see Einstein, who realized that he was led by the divine hand). This approach is imitated. Much that brings a lot of profit has already been researched, see also my note to Newton. What is mainly done is that the so gained secret knowledge is injected secretly into the new science with new technologies similar technologies like B2B, so that the explorers have the feeling that they have discovered it. Not everything is going in this way, but important things.

One can only make capital if one bring the achievements slowly to the light of day. We would already have been driving with electric drive long time ago, if everything was not so interwoven!

The purification procedure is the proof that the good people have not managed alone, to protect the world from the evil (and their helpers) and have been waited for the divine.

Question & answer session

What is the role of a bell in a temple, church etc. or in a Hindu ritual? Whoever has observed the whistling sounds in the last days or has get the information by other channels knows the answer 😉.


One should not conclude from the above article that education is not necessary or important. Education is essential to every individual, so that the things never repeat once again, and besides, much has not been discovered. One can right direct a research and education institutions or direct it in a way that only certain people benefit from it, but this again is an own topic.

Complementary and additional sources

Hidden sciences in Hinduism: An Introduction – Part 1

Hidden sciences in Hinduism: An Introduction – Part 1

[Last Update: 13th May 2018]

Hidden sciences in the Hindu scriptures, for example the Vedas, the Gita, the Upanishads, etc. In fact, science is not primarily hidden in the sense of consciously concealing information to third parties, but rather the information is often multiple reserved. This can be best illustrated with the German word “Leiter = ladder”. The word “Leiter” may be an object for climbing, or in the physical sense of the electrical system, it is a conductive element e. g. a cable. Of course, there are other uses or definitions for the same term, but we remain here with these two mappings (partial definitions). It should also be clear to everyone that the two terms have to do on a meta-level with each other and therefore they have been mapped /defined so. One can formulate texts so that the same sentence can be understood differently. When a craftsman reads this sentence, he will rather think of a ladder to climb, but a physicist will rather think of conducting materials, so concepts are context dependent. So a question “What is a ‘Leiter’?” cannot be answered unambiguously. For a different way of explaining, the fables are the best. They have been told on two levels. The animals represent human traits, even though an animal is neither good nor bad – but this is again a separate topic, and on the second level, the animal should be understood as a classical animal. A child will have different interpretations in different stages of development. This is also the case, for example, with the Bhagavad Gita and other Hindu scriptures. It was formulated for the whole mankind, from craftsmen to scientists – but please do not misinterpret this with the social value of certain professions. The intention was mainly, because different people thinks differently and only for that reason. Due to the timespan, the span of life of a human is not enough to focus on all disciplines, and also other factors (such as family, problems, etc.) make the focus even more difficult.

It is important to understand, that one cannot ascribe something good or bad to a knife. It depends on what one do with it. If it is used as a weapon to kill a person, a doctor who uses it for surgery or as a tool in the kitchen to chop vegetables. In other words, it always depends on the use of the object by the subject (subject = e. g. a person). The object is neither good nor bad. It is the same with the Vedas given by God to mankind. Unfortunately, in the Yajur Veda certain elements were placed in the focus (black Yajur Veda). For example, it is comparable with: “How to build an atomic bomb”, so it gets a negative flavor. Whoever the initiators were, plays a subordinate role in this article, since many things have to be corrected in historical sciences, linguistics, geology, archeology, anthropology, etc.

The approach in science is that always hypotheses for explanations are created. These hypotheses can, but do not have to be true. Hypotheses that are built on other hypotheses, collapses like a house of card when the original hypothesis is false. The arrogance of certain scientists makes them blind by searching for the truth. This occurs when one holds the science for the Absolute.

Here are some sources about the meanings of numbers in Hinduism:

  1. List of numbers in Hindu scriptures
  2. One hundred and eight (108)

The first source has errors2 which maybe is a result of transformation into our units of the present time. For example, our expanding1 universe has a diameter of about 78 billion light-years.

When reading information such as e.g. the distance Satyaloka to Vishnuloka – don’t think of extraterrestrial (alien), in the way of the classical3 understanding of the term “extraterrestrial“. All extraterrestrial stories, as initiated by the Western world, are mainly intended to mislead the mankind. Please do not forget that there is not only one motive for the misleading, there are several, such as e. g. the phrase “Kill two (or more) birds with one stone” indicates.

There are red herrings (2nd defintion), so that people’s way of thinking can be directed into wrong direction, and on this way the wrong thinking also find place in the science. Once such a thought has sprung, then one is fixed on it – even in science this is the case with the hypotheses. One should also know that the (officially reputable) scientists like Newton, secretly dealt with alchemy, Hinduism, etc.

I would also recommend to examine carefully the weapons which were used in the battle of Kurukshetra (Mahabharata) about 47 million years ago (in our time they could be compared with atomic bombs, but these weapons were even more powerful) or the flying objects in the Ramayana. Don’t forget to note that the Ramayana is much more in the past than the Mahabharata. The statement “47 million years ago” refers to the Mahabharata. The root of all and everything is the Indian subcontinent.


It is hard for me to believe that until the official discovery of the American continent, people had thought the earth as a slice. According to the currently officially dated Hindu scriptures, which are dated as 4000 years before Christ, one can already see that the culture of the Indian subcontinent has not seen the earth as a slice, and there was also a great exchange between the Indian subcontinent and the Western world, which in turn rejects the non-existence of knowledge (e. g. about the earth) of Western civilization. This only indicates that the first stones have been laid for concealing knowledge. Much of the historical aspects should be researched and written soon.

I have coincidentally seen this documentation yesterday, see below. I could only look a few minutes, but I could still judge it. I can recommend it. The below links are the German version of the documentation, but the original is in English. Try to search after it on your own.

Sources for better understanding

  • Celestial coordinate system
  • Galactic coordinate system
  • Big Bang, Space and Life
    (German Lectures by Prof. Dr. Harald Lesch, Dr. Josef M. Gaßner, ….)

    • PlayList of all videos
      • In one of the many videos, Prof. Lesch says: “What if life had been created earlier …“. If I found the video with the appropriate TimeCode, I’ll post it here.
  • Pangaea (The geographic state at the time of Sati and Shiva) Animation (YouTube) NEW
    • After Satis’s death, one big continent is divided in to five continents (the number five in Hinduism stands for Shiva)
      [Attention: different Defintions for continent]
    • Later, in the period of Murugan, it was six continents (the number six in Hinduism stands for Murugan)
    • In the era of Ramayana there were seven continents.


1 Expanding universe, see this German video “Kosmologisch 1/3” [at TimeCode 23:30 min]

2 At the time, well over two decades ago, when I discovered similarities in the Hindu texts and astrophysics, I can imagine that I have seen / discovered that there were no mistakes, at least not the sources that I used at that time. But this was long time ago and I no longer know which sources I used – especially the number of texts, magazines, books I have read (or partially studied) normally.

Where is the difference between to read a text, book etc. or to study (see definition 2) it? This realisation of the differentiation is of fundamental importance!

3 In the sense of how it is described / shown in some medias or (Hollywood) films.