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The Enlightenment: Can a half-truth be an untruth? – Part 8

The Enlightenment: Can a half-truth be an untruth? – Part 8

[Last Update: 19th February 2020]

When I got this video “Immigration plunders our social system! by Mr. Jörg Schneider (AfD Group in the German Bundestag)” as a proposal from the AI was leaked to a well-known web platform, I thought, again, something to upset, then Immediately came to mind, there can be no better example for an enlightenment …

You can’t get more stupidity together in the 20 minutes. No, I shouldn’t say that 😉. I have been often convinced of the opposite in the past.

These are speeches, videos of that type, where I must get money to watch and hear it – my filters go through these and similar things mercilessly.

If he should believe his own words, then good night. Not everyone is stupid at the AfD, as everywhere, it’s about making money. The easiest way to do this is to deceive the counterpart, that can be the nation, the customers, the buyers or someone else. Every vote you win as a party means more money in the till.

Such right-wing parties are never about the interests of the people, but only about self-interest. Nowadays, it’s easy to find out who is behind such parties, and from which secret service departments they get support and why, with B2B.

I do not want to move away again here from the subject, anyone who can think can understand my statement below, and retrace:

I’ve explained similar thing already before, but I can’t think of the context in which I’ve explained it at that time. Here again a detailed, easily understandable, i.e. understandable for everyone, disclosure of the facts.

People shout here about plundering the German social / welfare system, especially the immigrants. At this point I do not want to set the focus on immigration policy, but with facts that testify to what Schneider and his cronies have said.

First of all, if I remember correctly, people do not get much cash, but only vouchers and benefits in kind, regardless of this, everyone should be aware that contrary to what most right-wing organizations and parties claim, immigrants benefit the German economy on many levels.

It are German companies that build, maintain, rent and lease the social facilities. The benefits in kind that immigrants receive, such as duvets, clothing, food, drinks etc. are again from German companies, service providers etc. Whether electricity, water etc., which immigrants also need – all of this also benefits the German economy. The immigrants have cell phones, this also benefits the German economy. All the money – at least most of the money they receive remains in this country. There is no other way and immigrants cannot live from the air either. One should also not forget that lawyers, judges etc. also must be paid for all the proceedings – mostly this is paid by the relations of the immigrant. All of this is obscured.

Many do not recognize the absolute truth, mostly only the partial truth is suggested, and also mostly wrong. Partial truth here, the immigrants cost the German state money, but the money that the immigrants receive is used again in the German economic area, this is just as true or the important part! Now the whole topic is in a completely different light relationship.

The worst thing about capital would be if it were not moved, see also my article “Wealth, an analogy with the human body” for an expanded understanding. For this reason, the low interest rates in recent years, in order to force people not to save, but to keep money constantly moving.

Also think about the VAT that the state also collects …

This applies to every country in the world, whether the USA, Great Britain etc.

Don’t forget, even stolen, broken, worn goods will bring profit to the associated industry, they have to be replaced. This in turn means more sales, more profit.

Everyone is screaming and talking about climate change right now. Unfortunately, the car industry is mostly attacked here.

Think, if it were sustainably generated everywhere, then it would bring more for the climate than speed limit, restricted area for cars, etc., everything else is a lie – a half-truth is also (mostly) a lie, because it withholds facts, so covered up and thereby distorted reality.

Who really is responsible for immigration or benefits from it should now be clear to everyone. All the countries that scream here, USA, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, (also Switzerland 😉) are due to their (world) wars, colonization, enslavement, also modern enslavement (low wages etc.) → New World Order…

Why does the United States always want to go to war everywhere? Because of terror 😉? NO!

War means money, capital, sales, profits, $$$ …

Profit not only for the war industry. Which branches of industry are directly related to it. The soldiers and people have to be taken care of, fuel for the cars, etc. – a huge money-making machine, behind the war industry … One destroys everything and rebuild 😉

It also depends on where they try to attack. If oil fields burn in the regions, then one can increase fuel prices enormously. It is again a variable in the complex economic system that can be manipulated. The more variables, the more manipulable and therefore better can be concealed1 at the same time …


1 During my time in the German Army (i.e. Bundeswehr) I did a 6-week training as an electromechanical weapons inspector for the Leopard 2 in Cologne (that was the name of the training, I think), where in one of the barracks in Cologne also the MAD, i.e. the Military Counterintelligence Service, is stationed. is only 😉 by the way.

We went on a trip through the city of Cologne, where a comrade or superior officer told me, I don’t know anymore who that was, more specifically he asked us if we know who owns the buildings, where the brothels are located. At that time, prostitution was illegal in Germany to circumvent this, the girls rented out the hotel rooms and paid the pimps the sub-rental income. Any law, prohibition can also be circumvented by legal means. You can bend any law or break it indirectly – on a legal level.

The answer to the question: The owners of the buildings was the church, … I didn’t expect this answer …

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