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What is coexistence?

What is coexistence?

[Last Update: 08.01.2017]

It is important to know that there are processes, realities, truths, etc that can exist at the same time, which may perhaps disagree at the first sight. One speaks of coexistence if these conditions exists and can exist parallel! An example is the thought experiment “Schrödinger’s cat” from quantum mechanics. This is about the fact that the cat lives and can be dead at the same time in the quantum state. Another example is God and science. Is the existence of both possible? Is science part of god? Hinduism affirms this. He is everywhere, in everybody and everything! Everything is part of Him!

A famous quote by Prahlada brings this to the point:தூணிலும் இருப்பார் எந்தத் துரும்பிலும் இருப்பார் → He is in pillars, and he is in the smallest twig.

My translation: He is in pillars, and he is also in the smallest needle head (or atom).

It is also important for the learning process not to get everything chewed up!