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Fraternity – disclose the secret

Fraternity – disclose the secret

[Last Update: 27th August 2017]

I’m introducing here the three most important fraternities. All other fraternities are descended or are in the influence of these three. One of the origin or the root of all is the fraternity, where also the first American president George Washington, the 44th president Barack Obama and the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt are members – these are the so called Freemasonry. On the second place are the Illuminati and the third fraternity with the name Skull & Bones is closely followed. All the elites of this world and those who consider themselves as elite 😉 belongs to these groups. The former President Bush Junior, as well as Bush Senior or the former Secretary of State John Kerry of the United States or the currently acting President Trump or the current Turkish President Erdogan belongs to the Skull & Bones. The Royal Society, where there are many distinguished scientists like Stephen Hawking are member of it. This Royal Society is again part of the Illuminati. One can say that all the world elite belongs in any form to these three.

Of course, even simple people are part of these fraternity, which are more or less used as simple organs or sensors, such as eye, ear, etc. They are anchored in the middle of the normal society.

The Enlightenment: How capital multiplies itself when it’s moved from the left pocket into the right? – Part 4

The Enlightenment: How capital multiplies itself when it’s moved from the left pocket into the right? – Part 4

[Last Update: 31st May 2018]

In my article “Politics and clarity, unfortunately a contradiction” I have tried to explain how government spending can be blurred in politics in general, in order to win votes. The best example from the recent past years were the voting in Great Britain for the BrExit as well as the presidential election in the USA.

In this article, I will go a few steps into the depth to clarify that most of the capitals, just moving from the right into the left pocket. Of course, by moving of capital, a few pennies fall into the normal household, but I leave this out of consideration. Please also read my other articles  “Wealth, an analogy with the human body” and “When God enters the marriage with devil“. The journey of capital in general and the economic system of the world, is very complex, as so complex as the weather 😉, nevertheless it is also calculable.

The best example is America, if the treasury is empty and war is to be waged irrespective of the decision. The question of why this decision, is a separate topic 😉.

One borrows money from the central bank, to fill the treasury for the war. One should also know that the US central bank is in private hands – a reworking of existing conspiracy theories in this regard is not necessary, perhaps even counterproductive. Now, money is spent on warfare by buying new weapons that make such a war or antiterror project necessary. The tankers and the entire fleet needs fuel, the army needs food, clothes etc. or by antiterror, e. g. full body scanner at the airports. The list is in the real longer, but I leave it on the few here to not lose the overview. It is more important to understand the relations between these things. Although the list is long, but they are all interwoven. One can use the Internet, such as the Wikipedia to help to understand this. An example from Germany, the company Kolben Schmidt from Neckarsulm (KSPG AG), which actually manufacture pistons for cars up to ships, are also large in the weapon segment, also other manufacturers who are not necessarily associated with weapons are on board.

Few years ago (2013), I wanted to create a database system, especially to visualize the structure of companies using a web page. The structure would have shown not only the official but also the unofficial relations. The company structure is not static, it is constantly changing. For time reasons, I couldn’t implement the project.

Back to the core topic. Now debt has been taken, who is going to repay the debts in real? Of course, the normal people must repay the debts in form of their taxes. The irony of the whole thing is, that I borrow money from my own bank – I am the owner of the bank and it is also my money – to buy things for the war from my company, where I am the owner again. And now comes the best part: the taxpayers -these are the grass roots – must pay back all the money including the interests. How nice is this 😉?

One should also be aware that the old and worn out weapons will find new buyers again. Mostly are these weapons no more longer interesting for the own military because there are many modern and efficient weapons. Unfortunately, some of the weapons also find their way to the terrorists. What a coincidence again 😉 ? It should be clear to everyone that God does not throw dice1. But who does also not throw the dice, here ? This question should everyone follow! Have you ever seen a clever move than this? It has been successful for several decades. This clever move, of course, only works under certain conditions:

  • Keep the people stupid
  • Let them deal with things that are not necessary or harmful
  • If person is not manipulable, eliminate, if no interests in material or immaterial things or not blackmailable
    • material things:
      • e. g. wealth, in form of money, car etc.
    • immaterial things:
      • e. g. power, in the form of leadership position and / or job as professor, if the peson suits for it or for the thing, if it is worth
      • perhaps one can remember the headline, that some German companies and clubs made it, e. g. with prostitution etc.
    • If not eliminable → Remove credibility
      • Discredit, damage one’s reputation
      • Stamp that person as mad
      • Destroy one’s life

We do not have to travel so far. The problems and the situation here in Europe are not much better, the best example is Greece. To whom does Greece owe the money? And why? Who are the creditors? These are the questions that should be of interest to every decent citizen. By the way: In conspiracy theories, there is not only existing opposite theories, one can take the actual theory and bend this a bit, so that the whole theory loses its hold and gets the negative touch of the conspiracy theories.

One should also ask, how the European Union can be destabilized? See also the current situation in Poland! Who then have advantages by the destabilization? The answer to all the questions here, brings a lot to the daylight from world politic to hidden or blurred world history and even much more – also of the purification procedure, which is already known2 centuries ago.

Perhaps some may think that it has elements of crime films. No, this is not right, but the crime films have elements of the real.


1 Albert Einstein: “God does not play dice” → Gaussian bell 😉

2 Swami Vivekananda was a member of the Freemasonry (5). Unfortunately, he died already in early years at the age of 39 years of cancer [and through (69)], or in other words he lived only 14417 days.

Through him, the Gentlemen of Freemasonry could better understand what is going to happen in the world – unfortunately also the others.

The meeting of the Parliament of the World’s Religions, which was founded in 1893 and where Vivekananda took part, came after 100 years in 1993 for the second time together,  and thereafter in regular intervals until now.

There are things, that are apart from any sciences and will also be so, even if the universe should cease to exist, perhaps caused by the purification procedure.

Apropos, not everything what glitters is gold, see also my article “Latest news from politics“.

Blue does not always have to be Blue, Green does not always have to be Green, Red does not always have to be Red, Five does not always have to be Five …!

By the way

The whole thing what I have described here happens on a small scale also within company structures, e. g. between parent company and subsidiary company. So, one can also run secret accounts with officially legally means and still wear a white waistcoat. Every business student and / or graduate should be able to confirm this. If necessary (or also willful) the subsidiary company are repelled, because one get into the red. Much of what I describe here, can be done even within the law of a nation.

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