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The Enlightenment: Injited, induced rivalries – Part 2

The Enlightenment: Injited, induced rivalries – Part 2

[Last Update: 04th November 2017]

I have already mentioned several times that the quarrels are show, also in my last article “Intelligence apparatus and the secrets – Part 1“, but the violence is still real. I try to describe the psychological as well as the technical possibilities in more detail and how to influence and manipulate people without their knowledge. Many from the hip-hop scene knew the conflicts between the West and the East Coast in USA. This was of course a staged show and real at the same time. For whom was it a show and for whom reality? It was real for the participants and for all who followed it e. g. the fan community. Only for a handful of people it was a show. They have made materially profit out of it, but not everyone who has made a profit out of it must have actively participated, because the organs of groups act and also have to act independently from the central unit. One should be aware of one thing, that if one conduct everything from the top instance to bottom, one will take risk of being uncovered and exposed. It is no longer possible to wear the White West for a specified time. But only for a specified time, because the humans are in many aspects similar to animals. You have perhaps seen in animal documentation when a herd of gazelles at the lake, quench their thirst, and suddenly a predator begins to hunt then the herd try to flee. After the predator, has torn and distorted one gazelle, the herds come back again as if nothing had happened. Of course, this filtering of the atrocity is for the survival of the herd necessary. The people who wears white west knows how this natural psychological filtering works.

Why is it difficult for even the participants to recognize this kind of staging? First, never violate the law of causality (mostly silent attack), the technical as well as the psychological injections melds  into the natural circumstances. What does it mean here not to violate the causality? There were already rivalries, which have crystallized through earlier circumstances. Even the circumstances can and may have been the result of deliberate and unconscious manipulations of the past. Unconscious means that this effect was not intended, but one can make profit out of it. The social structure of mankind is also (only) a complex formula, as well as that of a weather.

With artificial injections, for example by external stimulation of the amygdala one can bring someone to explosion. The injection does not necessarily have to be permanent, a small impulse is sufficient at the appropriate time, the rest is done by the dynamics. The time of the injection must be appropriate, so that the exploding person does not perceive it as an external injection, and it must match to the temperament of a person.

I have chosen the hip-hop scene here for the explanation, but the procedure is the same or similar in every other area or scene whether it is the film industry, designers, cosmetics etc.

One can and should also transfer the knowledge shown here to other human traits, for example, what happens when the sexual hormones get into hurry. Perhaps the social and cultural metamorphoses is not positive as expected and the result of the progressive mind – but this is a separate topic on its own, to explain this in a few sentences would be even counterproductive.

Example – Make a profit, wanted and unwanted

If there are many diseases in the world, then the doctors, the pharmaceutical industry and everything in this chain will profit. Markets are beeing created here. This cannot and should not be concluded that this is so wanted by all doctors, I hope you understand what I mean.

The final

During the purification procedure, it will not be of any interest whether some parts of the organs and their helpers, which are in the sinking ship, get clarified through the enlightenment. But this should not lead to the conclusion that one can and should continue on the same way – this would be foolish.

Of course, there have been and are still good-natured organs and helpers that have tried everything possible to protect the mankind from such atrocities until the purification procedure. This should also be clear to everyone, otherwise it would have assumed other dimensions.

Some part of the good-natured organs as well as of the devilish organs knew decades and centuries before that of the beginning of a purification procedure in the present Kali-yuga.

Tamil proverb

ஊரு ரெண்டு பட்டா
கூத்தாடிக்கு கொண்டாட்டம்.


When a village divides,
the dancer will be happy.


If a village get divided caused by a conflict, then the dancer will be happy. Because there will be two folk festivals, where he can dance. His profit will be doubled.

The Tamil word koothadi (கூத்தாடி) has also another meaning in the figurative sense: A person who threads intrigues.

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