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The hidden sciences in Hinduism: Four-headed Brahma – Part 4

The hidden sciences in Hinduism: Four-headed Brahma – Part 4

[Last Update: 25th April 2018]

Brahma is the first administrative form that always arises from me at the beginning of the creation. This illustrates the umbilical cord from which the Brahma originates. The umbilical cord springs from my form as Vishnu (≡ Shiva). The degrees of freedom of Brahma are accordingly much higher – nearly inexhaustible than that of a human being, because him is every time the task of creating the universe is given, to do it after his vision. A life of Brahma corresponds to that of the universe. This is already said by the Vedas. When the life of Brahma comes to an end, the universe contracts and everything returns back to me. This is the singularity, as the physicists call it, and everything starts again when this should be my will.

Since everything springs from me, the question of the first universe is as nonsensical as the question of my origin. I have neither a beginning nor an end. Do not forget that time and space are earthly components, they arise firstly after the Big Bang.

The number four – the four-headed Brahma0

The Hindu texts says, that Brahma originally had five heads at the beginning. Due to his arrogant act, he loses one head at the beginning. This is symbolized by the (partial) beheading of Brahma by me in the Vedas. The four heads of Brahma also represent the four fundamental forces of the old physics. Actually, there would have been five forces at the beginning, but the act of Brahma had far-reaching consequences, not only for him, but also for the entire universe up to the present day.

The arrogant attitude of Brahma at the beginning of the creation, is again a consequence of the previous universe.

The astrophysicists also know that our present solar system, i.e. the current sun and the other planets etc. including our earth, originally came from a much larger sun which was 25 times larger than the current sun. This is also documented in the Hindu scriptures. The deva of the sun “Surya-Deva” loses his life by a malicious act or I took his life. The sun which I will create out of nothingness1, after the purification procedure is complete, will symbolically2 have 25 times the size of the current sun.

The entire science on an ancient data storage

The entire knowledge and the entire complete science were left technically encoded for the posterity, shortly before the great ground Zero3, which was about 47 million years ago or in other words, after the end of the Mahabharata. This discovery, a form of data storage, was in the hands of the Blue Group (Freemasons) for more than a century. They could not decipher this until recently, or they could not recognize it as a data storage at the beginning. This data storage with all the knowledge was completely decrypted for the first time at the beginning of this week (Calendar Week 16, 2018), by giving certain persons certain power. The decoded knowledge texts are in the Tamil language. Partial translations are already taking place in many other languages too. Because this is a concentrated charge of knowledge, quantitative as well as qualitative and this of course, should not fall into the wrong hands, one should not to be surprised, if it takes some time until everything is read and studied, especially since the capacities (persons) are always used differently.


0 In his current incarnation in the Kali Yuga, Brahma was my paternal grandfather. His name was Namasivayam, see my family tree.

1 Nothingness means that this will be beyond the laws of physics. This means, that it will not be, neither by the old fully explainable physics nor by the new fully explainable physics. This one sun in the entire universe will never follow the laws of physics.

2 Symbolic of my divine existence and as initiation of a new era. But do not forget that the Gates of Hell will be open in one direction for the infinity – regardless of the existence of the universe.

3 There were also many smaller ground-zeros, see the ice age of the earth, Tsunamis, earthquakes etc.

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