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The test attempt of the world elite: planned economy versus capitalism / bogus (free) market economy

The test attempt of the world elite: planned economy versus capitalism / bogus (free) market economy

[Last update: 10th September 2017]

The system behind the system is equal – perhaps the same. It only looks as if it were different systems caused by a revolutionary evolution or evolutionary revolution. If one looks at the economic system of the countries of our world and its political system, one will soon find out that the mix is well done. We have as political systems dictatorship, democracy, communism, monarchy and all other derivatives and crossroads of these forms of politics and economy. Then, as an economic system, we only have two systems: planned economy and capitalism. Free market economy was perhaps in the minds of naive theorists and in books, everything else is only an illusion. The result of an experiment can only be properly evaluated if it is not recognized and perceived as such – this is due to the human psyche and is also the best variant to put in execution. Another reason is that competition in the lower range, boosts cash flow in the upper range. I deliberately did not use the terminologies “lower class” or “upper class”, it might create false suggestions from classical understanding. Furthermore, it is also difficult to classify because of the entered mix marriages. Of course, things like corruption, crime etc. play an important role. These factors are also represented as a result of coincidence😉 with different weights in all systems, so that each system takes the form of individuality.

One of the best examples is the Moore’s Law, which I have already explained in detail in my article. This is primarily intended to preserve a bogus appearance of a natural market economy, or in other words it should be appear as it was emerged naturally from the principles of the market economy. No, this is not correct, but rather it is the result of maximum profit coupled with the knowledge about the human psyche. It is just a calculation, so that the earnings continue its own dynamics. What exactly is meant by this? Imagine if the product is not further developed, the saturation will settle down after a specific time and the profit will be reduced until it perhaps come to a standstill – the psyche of the individual plays an important role, see for a better understanding what happened with the planned economy in DDR or the old Soviet Union. For example, the Trabant was only sold in one variant and there were only a handful of color to choose and that was it. People longed for the things from the West where there were these in different varieties. Of course, there are many other things that people in communism have missed, but I have deliberately reduced them for didactic reasons. The best example one can see in today’s western world is that of the cars. There are so many brands, so many colors, so many variants: notchback, hatchback, estate car, SUV, coupe, off-roaders and crossing of coupe and off-roader (e. g. BMW X6 or Mercedes GLE) paired with the Extras what one car can have, so each car will get an individual face. Behind the whole system there is a simple mathematic crossed with psychology – no more and no less 😉. Another counter-example comes from the Far East, Japan, Singapore, etc., where it is common for the electronics consumer market to have a much shorter cycle. Most electronic products were considered obsolete after six months. The crossroads between the Western and the far-eastern economic ideology can be seen very well in today’s mobile telephones where the cycle is one year. Every year the manufacturers of the mobile phones presents their new products and the cycles in the automotive industry have also been reduced.

I can, of course, underline the theory with figures and calculations, so that the business people are also satisfied 😉, because I have the feeling that these people get less understanding through my enlightenment work. This, however, is primarily due to their narrow thinking, and perhaps they see in their material success a broad education or a broad knowledge! In addition, there is also the fact that they are positioned at the top by the pyramid structure – this suggests power. Then through the whole bonuses and even their salaries they find in their ideology even confirmed 😉, but they forget that they are also captured or are marionettes of the entire system!

My formulation is not intended to offend or provoke certain groups, but to wake them from their dream sleep. It is not my character to offend others – important for understanding the other channels. But one should also know that one can only wake up a sleeping person, but not one who just pretends to sleep 😉.

Now back to the topic. Shorter life cycles have the disadvantage that the development costs can only be heavily compensated and the products are thrown into the market even if they are not really ready for the market. The consequences can be seen today with the whole Children’s diseases or bugs in the software, whereby other factors play also a role here. If the products have many bugs – like a Swiss cheese is perforated – then some people have advantages with their try to control everything. From this, one cannot conclude that all bugs are the product of consciousness. No, but also unconsciously, caused by the many different impulses of today’s B2B era.

Why there are really no free market economy, will be answered here in few sentences. The basement of the free market economy is that the price is made up by supply and demand and on the same time also from the competition between the companies. In order to enter the market as a newcomer, you have to beat down the price, see the history of LIDL, but one cannot push this into infinity – the rest should be clear to everyone, so after a specific time a bogus competition must exist, e. g. a time-delayed new product introduction, see mobile phones or an example from the automotive sector – a Volkswagen Passat is greater than e.g. a BMW 3-series, but smaller than a BMW 5-Series. Of course, I could also have taken comparisons out of group internal products, e. g. VW Passat with Audi A4 Kombi (estate car). There is an unwritten law “live and let live” or differently formulated: “divide the market1“. One will see this phenomenon in every sector, as long as no cannibalism prevails according to the motto “eat and be eaten“. Failure to comply with this unwritten law, it’ll lead to the destruction of the existence of the companies in a short or long-term – one will self-knock out each other. This should not be confused with cartel formation, however, there are no fixed boundaries between these two! At this point, I want also to get rid of what I might not otherwise be able to do, but it is of importance: Perhaps one could find out from my articles that I have a favor to the automobile industry, this is partly the result of what I have seen through the media from the family Porsche specially from Wolfgang Porsche and his public appearances in the past two decades – as a man with charisma and also as a leader of the Group. I also had the chance to work in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen by Porsche Company for two weeks in the year 2012. This made it possible for me – just by passing – to get a picture of other managers (not those from very top ranks and also not from the normal ranks). Unfortunately, there were under the wings of the group also few characters, which I would not necessarily have assumed there, but unfortunately one needs still such personnel caused by the actual circumstances. As I already mentioned above, I was able to see this – just by passing and not because I was involved in a situation. Since my childhood, it has been possible for me to understand people and their thoughts without having to exchange words.

Now back to the previous topic: Another trick is to artificially manipulate the supply. This of course, is also present in all sectors, but especially in the oil segment it is easier to understand. They are throttling or opening the production of oil and proving it with studies that the oil is scarce. From this one should not conclude that I’m holding this as good or bad – this thing is a topic for itself. Here I only try to explain the connections and how everything is interwoven. The entire system can be visually modeled and tested like a huge ocean, what happens when one rock on a specific point and thus create huge waves which subsequently lead to catastrophic tsunamis. With the weather, there is no difference. If one knows the physics behind it, one can set artificial tsunamis in motion 😉.

The understanding of how to force a union of nations, a nation, companies, folk, families till to a single individual to its knees, then one should see that there are no direct orders must be given. Direct orders from outside in a democratic legal system are not possible e.g. as a company one can’t order a police officer to arrest somebody. There are rules and regulation how this must be but one can blackmail or stich! There are also other possibilities how to blackmail or stich an officer in our B2B era.

Everyone who has carefully read and understood these things here, including the information from other channels 😉 and my articles, can answer the rest of the questions one selves and understand why the system was not a product by coincidence of a revolutionary evolution or an evolutionary revolution. It is also didactic advisable to answer the rest oneself!

Not everything in the (history) books need to be the (absolute) truth!


1 The mathematics behind it, is partly illustrated in my article “Win-Win, Win-Lose or Lose-Lose“.

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