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The Enlightenment: Post-war Germany, where are the remaining Nazis gone? – Part 7

The Enlightenment: Post-war Germany, where are the remaining Nazis1 gone? – Part 7

[Last Update: 31st October 2017]

In the meantime, we have seen that the world is dualistic, but this dualism cannot be determined by the nationality, the religious affiliation, or by the classification which has been known for society till that time. This wrong common knowledge led many in the past taking the wrong classification, so that the fire of hatred in each began to ignite, or the existing burned or began to blaze3 even more.

For me it was interesting at that time, why many Nazi scientists as well as normal members could flee to the Allied states (with partial new identity) or remain in Germany. In the case of the scientists, it was for me clear immediately that their knowledge is of immense significance, and therefore one overlooks the moral and ethical values, but the others? I haven’t understood it until I have find it out which dualism it is and on this way, it was clear for me who has tied these Nazis to themselves. Because my relations are widespread all over the world, I had the opportunity to stay there and make a real picture of the people living there, from the United States of America to the European states. At the beginning of my computer science studies at the University of Karlsruhe, I had friendships with many Muslim fellow students from Iran, Morocco, Iraq, etc., so that I could get to know their culture, friendliness and, of course, their Islamic religion. My two directions of experience did not match the (branding) statements of certain persons in the media of the last 16 years. But through these statements in the media could the fire of hatred inflame in some labile personalities and so it has been slowly gone over the years from one person or group of people to another.

At this point, everyone should learn to look at the matter from a different angle, as I have partly indicated it in my enlightenment articles (parts 1 to 6). If one kind of fire tries to extinguish, where is the next fire in this world? With this I mean the different terror, for example the RAF, Islamic, Nazi etc. Or which were intimidated? What do they want to achieve through intimidation? Which branches of industry, parts of the economy etc. benefits from all the hate and its results? In whose hands are these branches of industry? How are other parts of the economy with these interwoven across national boundaries? If one cannot see the connections in the structure of the companies, how are they privately and not in a legal sense connected across country borders? Everyone should take one own knowledge about one’s own family, friends, acquaintances, and apply this knowledge about the relationships and the behavior to the above questions. This makes it easier to answer the questions. The right answer brings the absolute truth even closer! It should also be clear to everyone that, in the case of some who try to divide everything, their own relationships are largely intact. Please do not focus on the question in the heading – this would be counterproductive.

Most of you know the fable “The fox and the grapes“. For everyone, the psychological side of the behavior should be clear, and why some people must behave like that or only can do so. Unfortunately, there are also extreme varieties of this type. These people try to talk badly in the group about the grape 😉, just because they cannot reach it. Try to place this message into the right place!

There is a very good documentation about the Oktoberfest bombing in Munich from the 80s, which fits very good here and where I have seen it (7-12) years ago, on the TV-channel “Phoenix” (or another German public broadcasting channel). But currently I do not find it, because I’ve forgotten the title ath the moment. The documentation was very well done and one also can recognize the indirect message in the documentation, which is partly identical with some of my messages in my articles. Which criteria a news coverage or a documentary qualifies to be excellent, can easily enumerated, but it would be better to develop a feeling for it.

A last tip: What is the connection between the bad Communism and the good Western world? Here in this whole context?


1 It should be clear to everyone that here is not necessarily the people meant, who might have fallen into the hands of the Nazis because of fear, intimidation or peer pressure. In the case of scientists, the focus is on those who have made bad experiments with the prisoners or have represented the Nazi ideology.

2 One of the most important questions at all or the most important message in this article. What will happen, if for some reasons the hate in some persons or group no more longer exists, for example through enlightenment and or education. We just take the current terrorist waves, which are known as Islamic terror. Where there is still hatred in the society and in the nations of this world, which has the potential to rise into terror. This is also what I mean when I write in my article that the planning goes back several decades to centuries. One already sow hatred for the next decades and centuries so that one can reap them later.

3 Here is a text excerpt from a recent Telepolis article (only in German language, but I’ll translate the important message) on how to push hatred even without technology: “For USA Today, it was clear that Trump’s choleric failures will further boost the right-wing terrorism in the US.

Read the last sentence of the footnote 2 again!

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