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The model of truth

The model of truth

[Last update: 18th July 2017]

Many understand under the model of truth only the two common defintions of truth. One is the truth and the other one is the untruth or the non-truth. The classical mathematical proof is based on this dualistic principle. There is a similar model in mathematics, called fuzzy logic, but that is not what I mean.

[Attention: The understanding of truth takes different dimensions in quantum physics, see Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle and the thought experiment “Schrödinger’s cat“]

Can our world be described purely by the classic model so far, or must we extend or complement this model? What if this model is not even enough for our classical view. Can truth be at the same time true and false, or never meet the criteria of the other two?

In philosophy, we discover a truth model that has three faces, or, as the physicists or mathematicians would formulate, consist of three states. The absolute truth, the non-truth, and the third is the “relative (suggested or subjective) truth”. The latter is the truth which an individual perceives as true, but which does not correspond to the absolute truth. Absolute truth is always true in any view and state, regardless of perspective, and there is no truth above it.

This philosophical construct is not only of a platonic nature! The special theory of relativity also makes use of this definition (question of perspective or frame of reference) without mentioning this.

  • (Absolute) truth, it is true in every context or in all areas. (There is no truth above it)
  • The non-truth, it is wrong in every context or in all areas
  • The relative truth, it is true or false only from a certain context
    • The relative truth should be well defined in philosophy, politics and similar disciplines in order to explain occurrences and actions better:
      • suggested truth:
        The truth which is held to be true
      • subjective truth:
        The truth which one or more individuals consider/think to be true, as it is suggested by external sources or it is perspective

The terms and their definitions, as I have defined them here, is important in order to be able to judge and understand things differently. The mind must be sensitized and properly trained for this task.

Many do not know that journalism is the unofficial fourth pillar of a democratic legal system. In this context, I would like to introduce a person / journalist, whom I humanly as well as intellectually admire – that is no other than Peter Scholl-Latour. His reports and his knowledge are legendary. Sometimes even for such a person it is not, or hardly possible, to present the absolute truth, as I have defined it here. Because even such personalities do not have the knowledge for example about all unofficial technologies to bring the absolute truth to light.

The proceeding of certain interest groups, as I have already described in my article “The oldest war weapon in the world,” is not only one-dimensional, it is multi-dimensional. Just to concentrate only on technologies and psychology is bad. There are other attack areas like the economy, personal life etc.

In addition, I recommend the following Wikipedia article to read:

But do not confuse this with my sentence “violation of causality”!


* Helmut Schmidt and Peter Scholl-Latour at the talk show of Mr. Beckmann (Public broadcasting: → ARD) [Translated: Helmut Schmidt meets Peter Scholl-Latour, broadcasted on 2nd May 2011 on ARD]

I should also like to mention that Helmut Schmidt had through his work as a Federal Chancellor from 1974 to 1982 and from 1969 to 1972 through his work as Federal Minister of Defense, additional (intelligence agency) information or a different view of information as Peter Scholl- Latour. The old Chancellor already knew in those days about the activities of different secret services and the technologies used by them, which is first now known to the wider world population by the current reconnaissance. This can be seen clearly in the interview. Anyone who knows all the public appearances of the two admirable personalities can make a better picture from local politics to world politics. There are also many books about and by the two gentlemen.

For a better understanding, I would recommend the book Targeted Killing: The Future of the War by Armin Krishnan. This book is only in German language available. Unfortunately, there is also no printed version for this book, but the digital edition (Kindle Edition) is available by amazon. If you have an Amazon account and a tablet PC or smartphone, you can download the Kindle app to read the purchased book. You do not really need the Amazon in-house Kindle Reader. You can use every Android phone and iPhone, where this Kindle app can be installed. This app is also available as desktop software for the personal computer.