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Brain-To-Brain Interface (B2B-Interface)

Brain-To-Brain Interface (B2B-Interface)

[Last update: 04th May 2019]

B2B ≠ B2C (Brain-To-Computer Interface)
, this is a very complex process or technology, since the signals from the brain, must be interpreted. B2C is necessary when I want to control with brain signals, e. g. I think, make the radio louder and the radio becomes louder. Don’t confuse these both technologies.

For almost two decades, I have observed developments in the field of artificial intelligence. I have come across a report which was published few years ago, in the journal of Nature. It describes the possibility to transfer the information or the knowledge of the rat 1 to another rat 2, which is geographically on a different place, so that This rat 2 can solve a problem with the information or empirical knowledge of the rat 1. Such and similar considerations are not new. At the beginning of the 19th century and especially during the Second World War lot of researches were in this field.

One must keep in mind that such techniques become known to the world first several decades later – an example which I would like to mention at this point is for example “Google Earth1“. This is today part of our life and is unthinkable without it, but since when the unofficial possibility has started. One should also know that our organ of thought is nothing rather than electrochemical apparatus.

Because I am very passionate and eager in learning – I have always been, I have thought about how such developments could later be useful in the car industry. Intelligent systems that can make life easier for the driver and passengers. One does not have to make any gestures or press buttons to start something, one has only to think that action for example make the radio louder and the radio becomes louder. One should also know the flip side of such scientific achievements. Nuclear fission has not only allowed to produce2 electricity, it has made the atomic bomb also possible.


1 Lot of satellites are surrounding our earth, which are not only responsible for GPS, TV, mobile phone etc. They can send also electromagnetic waves in the broad spectrum from strong energy form as gamma radiation, microwave radiation to well-known weak energy radiations. I would like to explain the function of computer topography (CT) in a few sentences. The CT emits radiations in different wavelengths. Because our organs have different densities, will some rays of a specified wavelength absorbed and other are reflected, so the image of our organs arises without to remove them by surgery. You can transfer the knowledge explained here to the functionalities of satellites and picture it out whatever you can 😉.

Anyone who has acquired a license for amateur radio should also know that there are authorities in every nation which tries to regulate everything and can monitor these things. For this and other reasons, there are regulations that stipulate the frequency range of a wireless LAN or the radio frequency of a car key, etc. (see here on my other website, in the section “German Authorities“). Unfortunately, the authorities that make the regulations do not have the powers and the ability to control over certain influential groups (see also my article: When God enters the marriage with devil) that are located or have positioned them over a democratic legal system. Can we still classify our system as a democratic legal system?

2 Energy forms cannot be “produced”. This is physically nonsense and is not the right term for this.

Limits of science

The information published here is new for the most readers. Nevertheless, it should be clear for everyone what I have already explained in my article “The Infinite Creator’s power and the limited technical power/science“. There is an upper limit for science – so it is not possible to do everything that is possible in science fiction films.

For example, if someone use energetic electromagnetic radiation to vaporize a car and its contents, this would even leave visible marks. Other physical methods also leave marks or are not possible in this form because energy or matter can neither be destroyed nor created, but only converted. If the car is destroyed in front of you without leaving marks, neither visible nor measurable, then it is only a miracle of God.

My articles are to enlighten the science and to bring the absolute truth to the daylight. Remember not science is the absolute truth, but the previous information should also not imply that science is not true.

In the last decades and centuries, so much energy has been invested, so that the absolute truth does not see the daylight – thank God, it has gone wrong.

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