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The world’s oldest war weapon

The world’s oldest war weapon

[Last Update: 03rd August 2017]

The oldest war weapon in the world is as old as the mankind, but still effective and timeless.

Many of us imagine when they hear the word “war weapon” something technical, perhaps in our new era of B2B, something with B2B. How can it work with and without B2B and what are the consequences? I’ll try to explain the classical way without technical achievements, so anybody understand this can imagine what will it be if the attacks are combined (e. g. see my post “The Amygdala – part of the limbic system: do we really decide?”).

There is a very powerful weapon – the oldest war weapon – it is not of a physical nature, it is of psychological nature. The damages/manipulations are on a level, that the detection of the source(s) or backtracking cannot be done fast enough or is impossible. One of the reasons why detecting is so difficult is, that they try to not violate the causality e. g. using the given situation like hate between races, religions, families etc. and lot of manipulation are going through more than one generation. One should also notice that the source / injector can’t be classified as nations or something like that. Sometimes the manipulation can also take unwanted positive side effects. There is not only one psychological attack tactic because the less number of psychological attack tactics would lead the chances of success converging to zero.

Imagine the fundament for the EU (European Union) was given shortly after the second world war and not first in the end of the 80s. One of the reasons to build the EU is to be armed for such manipulation. The reason why this point of view is first shortly understandable is that even not all were inaugurated. The form of the EU like we have now is given since the 21st century. The situation we have now and can feel and notice is the absolute truth (see my definition absolute truth or The three manifolds of truth, or the three faces of truth) and bring politics, sciences, religions etc. in a new absolute view. In those days, the fitting of the parameters of a complex equation were not so easy like nowadays with classical computers or quantum computers. The equation of the world politics is so complex as the equation for the weather. Apropos weather, the research for manipulating the weather started even before the First World War e. g. injecting the clouds with silver iodide and the information that a weather can decide about victory or defeat was known since the mankind are waging wars. Nowadays we can feed a computer with different parameters and let it calculate the end process.  This is the reason why some manipulations had positive or unwanted side effects in those days without powerful computers.

How can one divide religions, peoples, ethnic groups, cultures, families, etc.? Since the technical achievements alone are not sufficient, perhaps not useful, because one could identify the source / injector* and thereby the damage will be compensated after a foreseeable time.

The causers / fire raisers conceal themselves behind religions, ethnicities, nations, although they are everywhere and with us. The tactics are even better when they sometimes play the firefighters after they have raised up the fire. The hatred / hate in everyone is the driving force that the injectors usually use. Once lit, it develops its own dynamics (momentum), which was so intended by the injectors. One can then decouple from the thing, because the own dynamics will do the rest and one do not run the risk of being detected.

To conceal everything more effectively, keep the primitive people primitive and let them play/consume/deal with primitive things. This is only a tactical deflection maneuver. I am counting here some of the things: whorehouses, alcohols, drugs, etc. Combine these with financial hardship (e.g. less payments) bad education etc. and one will get a better effect of concealing.

If one combine all these things the system, the people, the nations, etc., are thrown into a controlled chaos. This information is also pointed out in my article “The glassy man, a devil’s work?” In the sentence: “If one have ever thought about how tailback / jam occurs and how engineers try to disarm these then you ‘ll understand how one can use the same Know-how to get the opposite effect.”

How can chaos be controllable – is not a contradiction?

It is important to question the events correctly, objectively and with rational mind and not to drown in any conspiracy theories. This would be counterproductive since it is poison for the mind. It is also bad at the same time to doubt everything or to believe, one come into vicious circle. One must accept certain things as true – unless the contrary is proved. This is similar to the mathematical proof. If one begins to doubt everything even the basic axioms of the mathematics, the whole system collapses. Anyone who has been good in maths, e. g. reductio ad absurdum, mathematical induction etc., will understand what I’m trying to explain.

* injector = people who injects things in classical way or with technical achievements

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