Phenomenon: I have just thought the same

[Last Update: 18th September 2020]

I have already noticed that the devilish work has already begun to use the information revealed here (e.g. foreshadowing) to confuse some or certain people and to diverge relationships.

ATTENTION: Today’s technologies (Artificial Intelligence and/or Collective Intelligence) can put wrong things into one’s mind. From déjà vu to foreshadowing etc.

Please do not confuse the divine and the natural given with the technical.

Charlatanerie has always been practiced with topics such as foreshadowing etc., but most people are not aware that one can also set false impulses with the help of technology.

Everyone has sure noticed0 that one has (coincidentally) thought the same as another who is also physically present in the same5 place. Then one usually says, I just thought the same thing, or, I just wanted to say the same thing. Everyone has experienced this before. There are people who are attuned to one another without doing this consciously. One makes such experiences e.g. by removal or renovating with friends or also with strangers. Here is the natural human interaction meant and without any technologies.

One certainly heard the phrase “to be on the same wavelength“. The origin of the phrase seems to come “officially” from the amateur radio, but here for me is the content of this phrase interesting.

To be on the same wavelength, what is meant by that? Or the chemistry must be right, what is meant here?

Of course, there are scientific2 explanations for all this. In the phrase e.g. “the Chemistry must be right”, the chemical messengers allow the communication between two or more people on the level of the subconscious mind. When one is attuned to one another, then the communication can take part through our senses (see, hear, etc.), which in turn take place on the level of the subconscious mind. Of course, here additionally the chemical messengers can also be involved. The communication mechanisms mentioned here have different latencies, even at the fastest subconscious level. Just for information, the conscious action is much slower (e.g. consciousness controlled → learn to bike, subconscious mind controlled → the normal cycling, if one can already cycle).

The different latencies come off because e.g. the chemical messengers need a certain amount of time to get from person A to person B, then all the processing takes place, which in turn also takes time. Although this usually happens in the millisecond range, they still have different latencies.

For more than 20 years I have been working intensively with psychology and the associated neuroscientific areas. For all of these, only chemical messengers and signals captured by the senses were mentioned as explanations. In the many scientific books, magazines, internet sources etc., I have not had a source till now, that has mentioned the electromagnetic wave as a carrier of information for such phenomena3.

With electromagnetic wave I do not mean the human technology4 such as B2B/B2C or something like that. I mean the naturally given process that is not artificial. The latencies here are much shorter because the electromagnetic wave can propagate at the speed of light (the highest possible speed in physics). Our sensory eye also captures and processes light what also an electromagnetic wave is, but there are other additional regions in the brain necessary which increase the latency.

Perhaps the neuroscientists should now begin to deal with technology subjects, especially the functioning of radio, and examine this knowledge for the explanation of the phenomena mentioned here.

An important message from me: Arrogance and ignorance are out of place, especially in the science.


0 Not only now (officially in 2011/2012 and from the beginning of 2015), where the devils and their helpers are trying to sell this as their game, so that many cannon fodder as possible step in for them, but this was already given even before the mechanization.


2 Science is part of the divine, but not everything divine is part of science. I will demonstrate this in the current purification procedure (e.g. transformations). After completion of the purification procedure and as further evidence, some fundamental things in science (chemistry and cosmology, especially our solar system) will change.

What’s going on is not a game. Everyone will and must, sooner or later, be responsible for their karma (actions) regardless of whether it was self-initiated or foreign-initiated.

Perhaps the quote on page 174, verse 3 and page 213 verse 11 from the Bhagavad Gita by Michael von Brück & Bede Griffiths (German Edition) is helpful. One can also read these verses in the original “Bhagavad Gita”, without commentary and interpretation by the authors and translators. The Gita also mentions the reappearance of God in human form (Kalki Avatar) in the present Kali Yuga.

There are two options in the current situation. One assumes what I write to be true and acts or one assumes this as not true and acts, but the consequences are different. Then there is a certain sort of people who know that this all is true and still act wrong.

3 These phenomena have not only existed since humanity began to discover and use the electrical power, it has always been there.

4 These technologies are the results of analysis and researches, of the phenomena I have mentioned above, which have increasingly emerged after the discovery of the electricity and specifically by Nikola Tesla‘s research, of course not in this present complexity. Most of you knows inductive charging since there are inductive chargers for mobile phones, but this technology has already been discovered by Tesla.

5 Being physically close is not necessary. Maybe now one can understand certain patent wars better and other things like foreshadowing etc.
Until recently, the divine power has also acted in accordance with karma when it has made people discover or invent something. Of course, the devils, also tried these to imitate. This in turn is an own  topic.

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