Parties and their aims

Sometimes it is difficult to choose the right party in the current situation. But if one look at the appearance of the candidates on the TV, it is easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. In Germany one speaks of indirect elections because one does not elect the chancellor candidates directly, but he or she is elected by the members of the Bundestag.

One sees whether the candidate for the chancellor, places the interests of the people in the foreground or the own interests, in other words primarily to secure the welfare of one’s own party. The money from the large pot is later distributed to the parties as they are represented on a percentage basis. To recognize the interests of the candidate, it is an important criterion to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I have recently watched the appearance of a candidate of a small party on television, which in her appearance shows that she does not focus the interests of the people in this nation. Especially in the case of the right-wing populist parties and / or the parties who try to create and to use the voters’ fears, it is easy to see that it will never be a question of the welfare of the people in this nation, it is more “If you help me now, I will help you later”. But from whom is help awaited and whom is the candidate thankful? The people of this nation or those who have made the fires?

Willy Brandt’s deeply moving knee fall was one of the most important signs that has been understood by ordinary people or the true victims – I was really impressed or in other words it touched really my heart as I saw it during my political research on the television at the beginning of this century. My father, who is also very interested in politics, has already spoked about this in the 80s. I can still remember from my childhood, which enthusiasm has triggered this and other things by my father.

I only hope that in this days, where much is entangled, people of this nation make the right decision. Not to vote is also counterproductive as to vote for the wrong ones.