Fraternity – disclose the secret

[Last Update: 27th August 2017]

I’m introducing here the three most important fraternities. All other fraternities are descended or are in the influence of these three. One of the origin or the root of all is the fraternity, where also the first American president George Washington, the 44th president Barack Obama and the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt are members – these are the so called Freemasonry. On the second place are the Illuminati and the third fraternity with the name Skull & Bones is closely followed. All the elites of this world and those who consider themselves as elite 😉 belongs to these groups. The former President Bush Junior, as well as Bush Senior or the former Secretary of State John Kerry of the United States or the currently acting President Trump or the current Turkish President Erdogan belongs to the Skull & Bones. The Royal Society, where there are many distinguished scientists like Stephen Hawking are member of it. This Royal Society is again part of the Illuminati. One can say that all the world elite belongs in any form to these three.

Of course, even simple people are part of these fraternity, which are more or less used as simple organs or sensors, such as eye, ear, etc. They are anchored in the middle of the normal society.