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Ambiguity of divine signs

A small introduction to the subtlety of a description or definition. How would one define a human being? The Oxford Dictionary defines as follow:

  • A man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance.

How would we describe an individual “X”? Is it enough to give the DNA of that indvidual? What about the clone of the individual “X”? In this case, the description of the individual “X” by a DNA would no longer be sufficient. However, because of cloning, the two individuals “X1” and “X2” still can be considered as a single individual “X” according to the above definition. We need another criterion, such as e.g. mental development or the sum of one’s experiences (measurable), which then makes it possible to distinguish the two individuals.

What does all this have to do with the title “ambiguity of divine signs”? Sometimes I have to make a big effort to explain something simple. Do not forget that my enlightenment work is not just for a specific educational group. It is for the whole humanity, people with different education and experience. I also know that there are still people who have never heard of what I’m writing here on my website. They even don’t know that something important is happening. This is (currently) mainly the result of the devils – only in this way cannon fodder can be guaranteed permanently. Why the word “momentary” in brackets in the previous sentence is a mystery for the first time, or anyone should answer this for themselves. Of course, I also know how the devils act against my enlightenment work.

The divine signs what I’m talking about here, this can not only be found in the science. It can be found everywhere, where one discovers the feeling of coincidence and one can exclude an external injection or external impulse.

Through the purification procedure which I carry out, I know that certain individuals still have doubts about my true identity. I’m talking specifically about those who agree with my approach of cleaning, but still cannot recognize me as the Absolute. This includes not only people who do not believe in a Creator – atheists, but also who believe in a Creator, regardless of their religious affiliation. This is also primarily due to the fact that most are only educated in certain knowledge domain and cannot see and accept the facts that I have written down as such. Do not forget that I am most of my time on the battlefield, and that passing time on the battlefield cannot be understood as a life in the classical sense to enter philosophically discourse or spending more time in writing. Regardless of this, the devilish have made my life as unbearable as possible since leaving the German army in the year 2000. Mainly with means that a rule of law never will offer because it is punishable. One of their goals, was to prevent me from gaining an academic degree, which they did not reached, as well as the current practice of preventing me from the purification procedure.

What I also have noticed is, that among the devils and their helpers, there are people who know my true identity, but do not really want to recognize it because the hatred in them drives them or they do not have a backbone to stand against one own’s group.

If one correctly put all the signs in science and other areas in right order, then one can also recognize my true identity – a few signs I have exemplified in some of my articles. There is also a lot to discover in the prime numbers. If one put the individual puzzle blocks wrong, then of course, something wrong comes out. This is like in the science.

There are some among you, who are have knowledge or thinking to have the knowledge in mathematics topics such as mathematical statistics or probability theory and thus come to wrong conclusions regarding to my true identity – especially on the occurrence of numbers as a sign in several sciences and other fields.

Namely, such are the devils like and are recruited as cannon fodder or used as a shield. So, if one get under the wheel, then one should be aware that one is self-responsible.


As I already wrote in one of my articles, the spiral of the rebirths described in Hinduism is not just only for the Hindus. It is for everyone and everything. It should also be clear to everyone that the Atman has neither gender nor other earthly characteristics and is also not limited to human life.

It is also possible, when the Atman manifests itself, once take this special form (female, German, Protestant, …) and after the death in the next birth again another different combination. Mainly the different characteristics and circumstances depend on one’s karma.