Hinduism, an Enlightenment – Part 1

Portal Hinduism Selected quote 8 (George Bernard Shaw)

Portal Hinduism, Selected quote 8 (George Bernard Shaw) → Source: WikiPedia

It is important to eliminate the misinterpretations prevalent in Hinduism. One of the big false assumptions that makes the concepts like monotheism and polytheism necessary, is to subdivide the officially prevalent religions into a scientific style and to classify Hinduism as a polytheistic religion. When I speak or write about Hinduism, I do not mean that the different gods in the many world religions are different or that the different religions do not have the right to exist at the same time (coexistence). By that, I mean the coexistence1 of the different religions, namely a harmonious and peaceful right to exist2, but without separation. Nevertheless, it should be understood that Hinduism is the origin of everything. Those who deny this, deny their own true origins and descent. This will and can be better understood if other scientific disciplines put the puzzle building blocks right together this time. This procedure is already in progress and I will bring more missing puzzle blocks at the right time (back again).

The term polytheism states that the religious believe in different gods. This came about in Hinduism through three things. First through my many different forms3 (incarnations) and appearances, secondly through the original definition of the term God in Tamil as well as in other Indian languages and thirdly through the arrogance4 of certain people. There are different terms for the word God5, e.g. Iraivan (இறைவன்), Kadavul (கடவுள்), Aandavan (ஆண்டவன்), etc. If one analyzes these terms linguistically, then one will understand why these terms was also used for normal mortals or is still been used and not necessarily must be wrong but never be confused with the Only and One truth.


1 Anyone who has already heard this in the other channels or read and understood my messages in my other articles will not ask the question of the correct interpretation of the term coexistence.

2 This sentence is not intended to imply that the many mistakes or misinterpretations in the various religions and cultures have a right to exist. I indicate this by the adjectives “harmonious” and “peaceful”.

3 Few of you have seen one of my other form as Narasimha face-to-face in the last few days, but for the most this was the last what they saw

4 This arrogance of certain people was not only the root of all evil in those days, also in our time too. Many who were hounded into the hell by me for the infinity, especially during the purification procedure, were convinced of themselves and considered themselves Almighty. Do not forget that the hell created by me for the first time, will even exist if this universe loses its raison d’être, regardless of whether the universe will be recreated by me again or not.

5 In other Languages there are also different terms for the One and Only Truth, namely: Creator, God, Almighty, etc.

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