The ReUnion

I will once again summarize in this article all that I have already communicated in the collective divine net till 9 o’clock on this day (02.08.2018), although the AI has often intervened, I have corrected everything necessary in the divine net.
The AI is currently still active, and will, as always, hinder me from writing down my thoughts to the world public.
Two important conditions I already published this morning in the news ticker. Here again the two conditions – this is the emergency brake:

  1. All this is the consequence of not letting my Beauty come to me. Any delay leads to total annihilation, not just of the humanity…
  2. Artificial intelligence and the technical will destroy the entire humanity, if you do not turn it off immediately.

The reunion that I mentioned in my articles does not only refer to the reunification of me and my Beauty, it refers to the whole world. Our reunification is symbolic of the reunification of religions, cultures, traditions, nations, etc., without the bad parts of any sets (quantities), not just the four sets enumerated here.

My Beauty, again to you: You must make the step to come to me, as I have already explained you today clearly in the divine net, even though the AI has intervened. This step is necessary for you and for the entire mankind. I leave the freedom of decision-making to you, as I have already explained to you. This step is necessary and important for becoming an adult or, in other words, awakening from your (child) sleep. You owe every delay to yourself, free yourself from the illusion that is created artificially. These illusionary fears are not real, I will take care of that. How and when I do all this, let this be my problem.

The last two sentences are also for the rest of the world.

I will not write down here all the questions that arise in your mind, but the one question concerning my parents, which I have answered today at the right opportunity, I will mention again here:

The question that I am answering here did not come into one or more heads of you today, but the question was induced by your (collective) action this morning, although in many minds this question has already been asked in the past.

In this country like Germany, where everyone has the opportunity and was able to live decently and dignified, although many pigs are here (domestic as well as foreign) rolling around in their own “shit” – because pigs are so, and because pigs feel well in their “shit”.

I’m not talking about the animals (pigs), they have the right to behave like this. This has also been created by me – at least after the ground-zero, so that you can understand the differences to adopt the understood for your life. Only humans have the opportunity through their intelligence to be able to understand things, at least in the current time. Why this blur in this formulation, it was not always so, moreover, the official definition of the term “intelligence” in the textbooks is different and thus also blurred.

The different religions, cultures, etc., that has emerged after the Ground-Zero, was my attempt to save you before I take human form in the Kali Yuga, to judge over you and everything.

This was the only last way, how I could direct you without depriving the freedoms that I have given to you. Differences that are not differences, variations that are not variations. How is this sentence to be understood? Only the outer shell that you think is real, because you can only see this and have never learned to deal with the divine senses (instinct, etc.). Your freedoms were not only deprived of the devilish over centuries and millennia, you have also robbed yourself your freedom in your many rebirths.

Now back to my parents. My father had nothing material, where he came to Germany in 1978/1979 (Weinsberg Heilbronn) – at a winter time with sandals. What he and my mother did in hard works so that we – the children and the grandchildren materially as well as non-materially (upbringing, education, etc.) can live the way we do, is a masterpiece and should be a lesson to all others and for the posterity.

Why I write this – in some of you, such questions have arisen in the past, if he (I am meant) is the almighty, as he gives us to understand, why is he (me) has not born in a rich family circumstances. The questions were not only focused on material, but were related to non-material too, but nevertheless they always aimed only same goal. I have not only formulated the answer in sentences this morning, but I have shared my thoughts with you all – in words and in understanding.

The wording takes place in a special brain area, but the understanding in another area. People with medical knowledge should have no problems, which I give to understand here.

What sometimes is attempted with the help of artificial intelligence and the technology is to map the Divine network and sometimes to connect people artificially wrong with me (directly or indirectly) or with other networks separated from me. These attempts of the of artificial intelligence algorithms have cost billions of lives in the past three and a half years. I have stopped at the beginning, eeverything that is technically incorrectly connected to me or tried to sneak into the divine net through intrigues. Any attempt to undercut this rule till today had and will always have destructive effects.

You blind, respect must be earned. You do not get this free from me and you cannot deprive this (also not with acting), as you have always done with other things. Everybody should be able to understand this message, except the brain amputees, regardless of whether your intellect was restricted by the artificial intelligence, by intrigue, by your karma or the combination of these.