The hidden sciences in Hinduism: The Tamil language – Part 5

[Last Update: 24th June 2018]

The Tamil language is officially one of the eight protolanguages1 of the world (Tamil, Sanskrit, Arabic, Latin, Chinese, Hebrew, Greek, 8. → currently, I can’t remember the eighth language), but Tamil is the only protolanguage or the Mutter2 of all languages – Language which was given by me. The Hindus know that the (linguistic) sounds are given a great deal of meaning, and that in certain lutes or sounds (mantras) there is more power behind them. In order to separate the “mighty or powerful” sounds from the spoken language, and not to run the risk of moving something unintentionally, there was the (language) Sanskrit, which was given by Brahma, just like the Vedas, to the mankind3. Since it was separated from the spoken language, it also got the sense of coding so that it could not get into the wrong hands.

Sanskrit was not a language in the classical sense, it was a collection of lutes (mantras). The meaning of the lute, later defined as a word, arose only through the action / effekt4. So, only the action gave the sound meaning – comparable to computer science with voice control e.g. Amazon Echo, Google Home, Apple Siri etc.

One already knows the problems with such devices, if the device accidentally interprets a dialogue between two persons as a command and e.g. makes an unauthorized purchase.

The language Telugu (officially a Dravidian language) originated from the Tamil and the sounds from the Sanskrit. It is a language like the other languages of this world, which came into being firstly very late in the Kali-Yuga, or in other words firstly in the modern age such defined (after many Ground Zeros) by me. Please do not confuse the modern age with the new era (defined by me), which will come soon.

Important Message

On a recent occasion I recommend, especially children, never to adopt a (foreign) impulse, regardless of whether this is technically or classically injected, as one’s ownthink of the consequences or on one’s karma. Dear parents and above all educators, the children cannot distinguish this, especially if they cannot master their own impulses based on composition of their three Gunas. I will hold you to account.

The devilish people are still trying to lead the society to the wrong way. Remember, that not every psychologically explainable model is subject to correctness. Some models have sprung from falsified5 material.

A Tamil proverb says:
வாழும் பிள்ளையை மண் விளையாட்டில் தெரியும்.

Translated it means:
One recognizes already in the child stage, thus for example is, if the child plays in the sandbox, what the child will become later.

This will not be different in the adult development phase6 (teenage or pubertal phase). Watch out now, some will try to suggest something wrong to the observer – maybe it has partly been inflated in the last three years from 2014/2015.

I cannot yet publish everything in writing, as donkey drivers and donkeys can also benefit from this knowledge to optimize their attacks.

Addendum 24th June 2018

Who understands the divine correlation in the scientific context:

  • Albert Einstein: “God does not play dice” → Gaussian bell


1 In the language sciences (linguistic), there are different models as in other scientific domains too. All these models show, how all the languages may have arisen. One of these official models accepts the above-mentioned languages as protolanguages, whereby the term “protolanguage” is understood differently in the different models.

2 I define Sanskrit as the counter pole or the father language, whereby Sanskrit was not a language in the classical sense, see above.

3 One of the Brahmas sons named Manu (it is you, my friend Karna 😉) wrote the Manavadharmashastra for the humanity.

4 The German word family “wirken (= act ) / Wirklichkeit (= reality) etc.” comes from the Sanskrit word “Vyakta“. Vyakta is the opposite of Avyakta. Avyakta means not manifested or in other words it is not real – in the sense of physics or apart from physics. Perhaps one can now understand my other articles much better e.g. “The transcendent of the number three” or “இதன் பொருள் என்ன? – What does this mean?” etc.

5 If one can (technically) manipulate the object of observation and the observing scientist without the observing scientist being aware of it, then his or her result is not utilizable. This was unfortunately the case in some other scientific domains too.

6 In the German word “Erwachsenwerden” (= growing up) the German word “erwachen” (= awakening) contains, which means: awakening from the dream world. In the legal sense, there is a limit from which one call a person as an adult, actually this is a never-ending process, or it ends only with death.