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The three Gunas

Most people know this term from Hinduism only in context with Atman and humans (see also my article: Fundamental excerpts from the book “Bhagavad Gita – by Michael von Brück & Bede Griffiths”), but these three characteristics describe everything in our world of view (physical world). Every matter, every atom is subject to these three characteristics. But how is it to be understood. A comparison of the color theory: At least three components are required to represent each color. This combination can be different (e.g. see printer cartridges), but we take the basic colors “blue, red and yellow” as we have learned it at school. For more details on color theory, see the following article: “color theory, coding and camouflage“.

In the Vedas of Hinduism, these three qualities are called “Sattva, Rajas and Tamas“. Often the latter two Gunas “Rajas and Tamas” are negatively associated. But this is not the absolute truth. The quality Tamas, for example, describes a characteristic such as inactivity / rest, this is of course necessary e.g. think of the sleep or rest period that every life-form needs to regenerate. Rajas is linked to the characteristic like courage. For what is this characteristic good? This characteristic need a person to defend and or enforce him- or herself in necessary situation.

Every individual already has these three qualities at birth. The mixing ratio of the three Gunas is a consequence of the karma of every Atman.

Please try to understand on the basis of the three Gunas, how the excerpt from the Brihadaranyaka-Upanishad IV.5:

“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.”

is to be understood and what consequences this could have for the current life and for the next rebirth. If one does not recognize these qualities as such and cannot anticipate the effects or consequences of the respective forces or qualities, then one risks the danger of falling even more into misfortune and digging into the circle of rebirth. Attention, the rebirth is referred to all forms of life and beyond. One must understand the spiral of rebirths here, just as one has developed from a primitive living being to a human being, one can go even faster in the opposite direction, and since the purification phase, hell1 has been created for the first time. Who has understood my messages in other channels, also knows that hell was created by me for the first time. It will also exist if this universe no longer exists. I have already explained why it must be this way. Here again for some as confirmation and for the others as an explanation:

If there were no such consequence in this form, then there will always be people who would choose the devilish (painful) suicide. Think of the donkeys and the donkey drivers, who in the past three years have had to get to know the hell and will be suffer for the infinity there. These are currently ⅘ of the original humanity (true value: 18.4 billion at the beginning). Death is not the end. It is only the end for the body, but the existence of the Atman has no end, as it has no beginning.
Since the Gunas are ready to be found on the subatomic level, they permeate everything in our physical world as far as to the macrocosm.

Thus, the food that we eat can fluctuate the balance of power of a living being. Knowing this, one can also learn to handle it in order to direct one’s karma on positive paths. In addition, the knowledge from the Hindu Ayurvedic medicine can be helpful, which does not primary treat the symptom, but tackles the cause at the root.

In order to understand the physics or another discipline even better and to be able to understand the connections between the disciplines better, it is advisable to look from these three aspects, then a lot will be easier – especially in view of the new physics and to complete the old one.


1 Hell is neither down nor up, neither left nor right, neither here nor there. It is beyond our world of view, where there is neither space nor time. Only the infinite suffering for the infinity.

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