The Enlightenment: Conspiracy theories and conspiracies – Part 3

In my article “The world’s oldest war weapon” I wrote, that one must keep distance from conspiracy theories because it is poison to the mind. This is still true, but in this post I will illustrate how to solve this mystery, being save from the danger at the same time.

The problem with the whole thing is, the dualism that prevails in our world – the good and the evil. Both were equal in the technical state, knowledge, wealth, influence, etc. The good-natured organs and their helpers have sought and tried different ways to enlighten the mankind. From normal literature to song lyrics, music, various (conspiracy) theories, etc. Unfortunately, there is still this opposite pole, which try to confuse everybody.

A pictorial description for a better illustration. One tries to convince the early humanity, which do not know how to make fire, with a demonstration of making fire. There is now the other group, which pours water over the fireplace, so that no fire can arise. This group does not want to give the art of fire-making to the mankind. One can apply this pictorial description to the conspiracy theories. A theory of enlightenment is born, at the same time, opposite theories are made, which make everything to nothing. If one now reads all the theories or only a few, then one is confused and or one stamps them all negatively as conspiracy theories.

I have specifically chosen this theory to make a real picture of the technical development of the past 125 years. The mankind was not so technically powerful at that time, as perhaps it was suspected by misinterpretation (also from my articles).

It is one of the most famous theories: Were the Americans, as the world (also the American people) believes in 1969 on the moon?

Unfortunately, there are enough arguments against it. From the photo camera that under the atmospheric pressure of the moon, is not able to shoot photos up to the difficult mathematical operations, which brings such a moon landing with itself. That with the camera was even an official statement of Kodak, the world market leader at that time, but now no more 😉 – what could be the reason?

Just for comparison, the mobile phone nowadays has a main processor and many other co-processors. If you compare the mobile phone (a Samsung Galaxy S7 or an iPhone 7 from Apple) and compare this with the Apollo 11 rocket and then even the equipment on the ground station of the earth, the mobile phone will still win. You may laugh, but that was the technical possibility at the time of the moon landing. You may wonder why I wrote in my other articles that much was discovered in the next-to-last century. The incident discovered by chance even suggests a complex technology. But this is not a contradiction. The automobile or the hippomobile was also discovered in the next-to-last century. Because we now can understand the technique, it is not a witchcraft 😉 for us. But if this had been hidden from the mankind, and only now came to the daylight, your reaction would be similar. One would think it is a witchcraft. But for technologies, which should not be officially known, there wouldn’t be any whitepapers, documentations, books, etc. You must have a lot of know-how to understand the technology, across many disciplines – also disciplines such as politics, economics etc. are helpful.

Why politics, back to our conspiracy theory. How were the situation at that time of the moon landing? The Russians were the first in space. How was the economic situation at this time? America has passed the second world war, the Vietnam War was at this time, and so many other things that burdened the state’s budget. It is not so easy to finance space research with its many failures. But one still have to save the face. The encroachment on the moon is psychologically important in many aspects, see also my quotation from the article “My first post, understanding the new world” → Distraction is one of the political tactic, to conceal people (the mankind / …) from the real problem.

Anyone who has dealt with the jurisprudence knows the expression circumstantial evidence. Circumstantial evidence in the legal sense is, when it can be logically concluded from several facts to the proofing main matter.

If something like the moon landing can be refuted with evidence, then it has enormous consequences on the credibility of the country. This would put an avalanche of other dangers in motion. This is one of the reasons why something like this is quickly swept under the carpet, even by people who understand it technically and factually.

But one should not conclude that the Americans were never on the moon – this would be unwise. They have left their country flags and other utensils there, so that mankind will not doubt its credibility, but first many years later 😉.