The Enlightenment: Manipulability of people – Part 6

It should be clear to everyone that if one knows the laws of physics, one can also make use of it. We start with simple things, e. g the aircraft. How can a plane fly? For this, one must know that the gravitational force of a planet is the reason that all material (mass) is pulled down to the earth. In reverse conclusion, this means for the take-off of a flying object, that the earth’s gravitational force must be overcome. How this exactly works can be read in technical literature or the Internet. I am primarily concerned with the clarification, to keep everything as simple as possible, since the information here is designed for a wide range of readers. For this reason, I have created an article titled “No Words …“, where the most is explained with pictures. Because the human being is primarily a visual being and therefore to understand the information in images quicker than in a text form. To get the same effect one needs multi-page text. Unfortunately, one cannot abstract everything so that can be explained in pictures. Sometimes images make more sense, but not always. For texts, there are also different writing styles, such as parable, irony, satire, metaphor, etc. These styles must be applied so one get this message correctly, when the other unofficial channel is not enough for the flow of information 😉.

Just as one can influence certain things in nature, if one knows the laws of physics, it is the same with the human psyche: from influencing our buying decisions to ozone, climate, etc. The problem is that people with less education can be manipulated easily – the educated people also does not look much better. Most of them have only (some) knowledges in their own fields, if at all. Society was disinformed and left in the belief that everything evolved from an evolutionary process, or is a natural crystallization, which does not correspond to the absolute truth.

The example shown here with the airplane is something positive. There is, of course, the downside, where much is done that does not serve the benefit of mankind, but only a few.

An example of how a group has tried to influence people by making use of the laws of the human psyche will be explained below. To understand this, one should first understand the following thing:

The image sequences of a film, we identify it as a movement because our brain is no longer able to recognize this as a single image caused by the high rates – measured as “images per seconds”. I thing that about minimum 16-20 frames per second is necessary, so that it is not perceived as a result of single image sequences – this is advertised in the TV segment as frame frequency with the unit Hertz. Most of you have a Full-HD TV with 1080p (not to be confused with 1080i), the TV also shows only a sequence of single pictures, but our brain does not take it as a sequence of single images as a result of high frame rates.

Why the long run-up or knowledge over several fields are necessary, should be clear to everyone after reading the below information: Coca-Cola brand of the Coca-Cola Company, which produces a world-renowned soft drink. In some films in the cinema theatre some images of the film have been replaced with Coca-Cola images. Since the human being can not consciously perceive the image sequence as a single image caused by the high frame rates as mentioned above. The focus is on the word consciousness. The hidden images, however, are to be perceived subconsciously and thus trigger a desire for Coca-Cola. Officially it is said that it never took place so in this form, see this article “subliminal advertising“. Or another example from everyday life, why are the sweets in the supermarket at the checkout? If you go shopping, you must go with your kids to this station. Or why are the things in the supermarket re-sorted after a renovation? The customers must search and discover the other objects of desires too. If you go shopping purposefully, you do not perceive the other things.

The latter examples are things that may even be obvious to everyone, but this knowledge has been transferred into the subconscious and has fallen into oblivion. The example with the gazelle herd in my article (first section, last part) is based on similar psychological principles, as in the previous sentence.

One should also take a closer look at the patent warfare from the penultimate century to the present time. What are the effects of patent warfare? How is the link between getting justice and being right? In whose hands are certain branches fallen due to patent wars? How have these clans evolved over the last few centuries and have took other branches of the economy under their wing, or have entered marriages (civil and economic)? Look at times from the beginning of the electricity, oil, pharmaceutical industry to finance, their connections and their historical developments and how the company structures are now. What happens when the initiator of a company accidentally dies of cancer or other illnesses or does some people take their lives with an overdose? Are these things coincidences 😉? Who has advantages? What happened after that? What are the possibilities to destabilize people, families, companies, states, union of states (e. g. European Union), etc.? What are the benefits of this and for whom and how? How can one bring all the subjects mentioned above to their knees, perhaps with terror? What roles do intelligence services and their helpers, which are partly operating independently of the central unit, having in this entire context? What is TTIP & Co. and who takes advantages thereby – the customers, who are the normal people? No, the most dangers crystalize or come to the daylight even years and decades later!

All these should be clear to everyone who wants to be enlightened and not want to manipulated by them!

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