The Enlightenment: Intelligence apparatus and the secrets  – Part 1

[Last Update: 29th July 2018]

For many, it is not properly aware that the intelligence services of every country have set their organs, such as eyes, ears, nose, hands, etc., spread throughout the nation. It will not help the intelligence services, if they were not represented everywhere. This should be clear to everyone that it can only work like this. I have deliberately chosen human extremities so that one can better picture it out. They are and have always been in middle of us, without the fact that perhaps one has noticed this. Intelligence agencies has similar behavior like trade and repair businesses. The knowledge is given from one generation (true related by blood) to the next generation. I even believe that not all family members were involved about it, only the chosen successor or successors were involved. It is better for the secrecy, if only fewer members of the family were involved. This is only a logical conclusion.

Where the secret services must be represented are: telecommunications, postal offices, garbage dumps, energy producers, government agencies, etc. because these core areas are the Achilles heaps of a nation. For logical reasons, they are and must be represented everywhere, even in normal companies, where the necessity is not suspected. By the way, in Germany, the “Deutsche Bundespost” and telecommunications were privatized first in the 1990s, while privatization of the landfills (garbage dumps) was still much later.

Now one wonders why landfills. For a simple reason, the whole secret documents land sooner or later in the garbage and it would be foolish therefor not to dig for information or eliminate them safely. Of course, one can also take samples from the waste products and analyze whether any attacks have taken place. Even one do not fear about the excrement of others.

In Germany, there are officially three secret services: BND (officially responsible for foreign affairs), Verfassungsschutz (officially responsible for national activities) and MAD (military intelligence agency). According to Germans constitution, (Division 6 of the Chancellery till 01st July 2018) Division 7 of the Chancellery (reorganized from 02nd July 2018) is officially 😉 the main interface. How the agencies are officially anchored in other countries, one has to find out. I know that the Americans have 16 different secret services. According to my knowledge, this is the only country with so many divisions.

It should be clear to everyone that there is a dualism within the same organizational division. I define here the dualism as good-natured and on the other side egocentric, destructive and devilish. This dualism exists in every country, this is the reason why I always write in my articles that one can not necessarily connect these with a nation, religion or race because they are the same groupings across national, social, religious boundaries away. Sometimes the enmities are only show, but one should not conclude that the danger of the enmity is not real. The show also means that the violence have to be real, otherwise all the people will recognize that this only a show 😉.

Here the Absolute Coronation

The founder, J. Edgar Hoover, of the American Intelligence Agency (CIA), was asked by a journalist why he was not going to stand for the presidency’s candidacy. The CIA is very powerful and the position as a president would make him more powerful. His answer was a counterquestion: Why? The counterquestion was in a sense, that there is nothing in the world that can be more powerful as he is already being.

I’m not sure, I can’t find the source unfortunately, or it is already deleted, parts of his family or perhaps from a founder of another intelligence service of the USA originally comes from the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland.

All the devils and their helpers are eliminated by the purification procedure in the ending Kali-Yuga. Without any exception one will be deep-fried-74D – horizontally and vertically. For this reason, one should not let oneself pushed-up by the AI or whatever else, to feel like 007 for few seconds. Many things from 007 are pure fiction. Just because a special technology saw the daylight by coincidence, and then analyzing it rearwardly to gain the know-how, it does not mean that there is a real chance for neither the helpers nor for the devils against the divine power.


MKUltra (Mind Control Kontrol Ultra) was a secret project by the intelligence agencies of United States of America in the 1950s. Officially, the project was controlled by the CIA. In the most sources (books, internet etc.) only the biochemical possibilities are mentioned. This is because one wanted to create the counterpart to the electromagnetic possibility (brain to brain connection) on a biochemical level. The EM waves can also be detected via satellites or local EM-scanners, and were unusable for certain intelligence activities, especially as most agents in the mixed-marriage departments should not be aware of EM technology. The secret service can only work if one does not trust each other and also wiretap each other to whom an agent behaves loyal. Of course, the possibilities of EM technology are much higher, such as those of the truth serum, etc.

There is a paragraph in the United States after every citizen of the United States has the right to look into the secret documents of the secret services after a quarantine period, I think, after about 50 years. Half a century is enough for the grasses to have grown over it and perhaps a few documents or pages never had their right to exist 😉. One should also know that the World Trade Center was one of the important bee nests of the secret services – they had many offices there. Unfortunately, important documents were lost through the 9/11 attack. I was already discovered before the attack, during my time in the army. Many attempts to liquidate me on different levels failed.

Further sources and literature

For a better understanding, I recommend the following literatures, which I have already mentioned in my other articles: