The Enlightenment: diesel scandal, court ruling, politics, etc. – Part 7

[Last Update: 04th March 2018]

Because the issue with the diesel scandal is again boiling down and the news in the media and politics looks more like a rape of science. Here is the clarification:

I know that some topics (in the past) in the media, the decisions1 of the BGH (The German Federal Court of Justice) and of the politics were there to educate the people2, to disarm3 escalations and, of course, to stabilize the rule of law.

I think most of the parents of you would know this kind of method. When trying to keep the child from something, then mostly fairy tales4 are told, although it is known that this is stupid4. Usually the correct enlightenment is time-intensive, or the child does not have the maturity to understand this or one is not able to break the explanations so far, that would be understood by the child or even a combination of this and that. It is the same in politics and in court decisions too.

Here are some tips on how to decrypt messages without raping the science or anything else:

  • Not everything that makes economic sense or is profitable,
    makes ecological sense → economy ≠ ecology
  • Not everything that has been subsidized by the state has been ecologically (sometimes economically) meaningful
  • Diesel Scandal → Please check here, if the environmental footprint really looks that bad considering the overall balance. In the overall balance the environmentally friendly goods must be also included:
    • It is never shown in the balance sheets that the production, storage, transport, etc. of various environmentally friendly goods also pollute the environment
      • Attention: please do not make wrong conclusions
      • Sometimes such a decision is the forerunner to protect the environment in the long term or …

I deliberately do not clarify the diesel scandal issue now (in writing). This is not primary only a didactic decision …

Do not forget that the hell door always stays open in one direction as long as this universe exists, regardless of the now ending purification procedure.

@Politics, Federal Courts of Justice / High Court, media etc.:
The time has come to complete the extensive educational work on your part now, without the hidden games. I have helped you enough.

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1 For about 20 years I have not only followed the politics intensively, but also the judiciary.

2 Not just the folk / nation. There are people, you will not believe it 😉, they believe themselves to be the world elite and played or still partly play the creator. They decide who dies, who gets sick, who gets what, what the weather should look like, which families need to be separated, who gets raped where and by whom (the impulsive force is usually a woman, if the victims knew that …) etc.

The list is finite but infinitely large. They had already begun to automate all this with the help of AI (Artificial Intelligence and Collective Intelligence). Thanks to the many data that everyone is diligently sharing 😉, for the AI it is easier to make everything seem like coincidence …

If there had not been the purification procedure, in few years the collective intelligence, that is, the impulse giving force, would not have been needed in moderation. The artificial intelligence would have had the complete upper hand …

The technology is not limited only locally. It can also be found where one does not expect it. In areas and countries which is not necessarily a high-tech nation. Remember, where radio and cellular reception is possible, all this is possible too, but don’t make wrong conclusions. Just because there is no mobile radio reception in certain areas, it does not mean…

The mutations of (human) cells can also be influenced with certain frequencies of the electromagnetic spectrum.

3 Here I specifically mean the escalations that are triggered by the devils and are a danger to humans and nature. Already 10 to 18 years ago, I knew that these have to do a lot with educating the people, but of course, I could not pinpoint the danger as clearly as I have been able to do it few years (from around mid-2015) before. Above all, my attempts of explanation models failed, or I have rejected them because I assumed that this could not be possible in a constitutional state, although the dangers cried out that my assumption is wrong.

4 Artificial intelligence will use collective intelligence to try to associate this interpretation with my articles. I already recognized the consequences before I published (03rd March 2018) this article for the first time. Nevertheless, I deliberately omitted this information to demonstrate this to the survivors…