The Enlightenment: Distractions and other manoeuvres – Part 5

[Last Update: 30.07.2017]

We a going to take a closer look on my sentence “Distraction is one of the political tactic, to conceal people (the mankind / …) from the real problem” from my article “My first post, understanding the new world“.

Perhaps one is familiar with the CIA’s involvement with organized drug-trafficking, which had been unveiled by the journalist Gary Stephen Webb in 1996. The revelation sparked off an official investigation, the results of that were coincidental concealed with the scandal of the US President of that time Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, which was pushed up by the media. What a coincidence?

One should also know that most of the synthetical drugs have been developed for the military to (help) the soldiers suffering under war diseases, but this was not the topic of the above revelation. The use of drugs was everywhere in the world, especially in the Second World War and in the later wars – the drugs have their place of birth in military labs or for the military-serving laboratories and have also found their way into the society.

Apropos the knowledge or specially acquiring of knowledge is also, on a special level a form of intoxication, but this drugs are naturally produced in our body. One do not need artificial or natural drugs to expand one’s consciousness 😉, which unfortunately is used by many artists and in other professions too.

The important thing is to look for these and other topics in reputable sources. Sometimes in reputable sources, these kind of information is only hinted, but not directly written. This can have many reasons, from legal consequences to preserving society from panic. In my last article, “The Enlightenment: How capital multiplies itself when it’s moved from the left pocket into the right? – Part 4” I have recommended an article from the German newspaper Die Zeit.
In order to assign this information correctly, one should also know that the current US President Donald Trump earned his money, before his official oath as president, with real estate. He officially resigned himself from all leading positions in (his) companies, in order to preserve the American constitution officially 😉.

There are enough legal gaps in every country’s law that can be used to hide an officially shareholder of a company – also on the legal side.