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The current debacle

The current debacle of all of humanity, which I have noticed more and more over the past four years, especially among women, is the phenomenon known in depth psychology as “Identification with the Aggressor“.

The Stockholm syndrome, which is not a syndrome, but is closely related to the above phenomenon, according to one of my divine empathies (similar to vision) a few years ago, it had a different origin historically than it was published in the specialist literature. This was where witchcraft had its game.

It is also important to understand that not every clinical picture that has been officially assigned a key figure by an international committee or consortium does not necessarily have to be a clinical picture, i.e. of natural origin.

One should also know that this committee of course also includes people who knew earlier about the B2B and witchcraft than it was made through me famous throughout the world.

I also noticed, and was able to feel more and more, that the female gender implements aggression differently than the male gender. I could also understand why female aggression is different.

The male aggression, anatomically speaking, has taken its way in the limbic system, I will ignore B2B for the time being. The female1 aggression, on the other hand, feels very different, especially in B2B, as if every single cell in one’s body is involved in the aggression. This toxicity, the defence of every single cell in their body, I have only been able to justify since last week that it originated in the suppression of their emotional world – this is the state or expression not able to defend oneself.

When I am connected to such beings, I have also recognized that the aggression was very rarely directed at me, but the matrix mostly suggested to me that every single cell of me was firing with, also against such beings. It was a very irritating feeling for me because aggression is not in my nature.

Aggression arises from being unable to defend, the origin of which can be fear.

07:00 clock, Thursday, 09th January 2020 
The difference between a scientific work and this note, which is also not a pamphlet πŸ˜‰, is that the content mostly focuses on trying to capture my thoughts. 

I have deliberately left this statement, which was specifically intended for the file "Brainstorming.pdf". 

I have learned from very early on to channel my aggression. The strength training – at the age of 12/13, later it became Body-Building2, is also the result of wanting to control my aggressions.

I quickly learned that my muscles swell quickly, a nice side effect of wanting to control my aggression in childhood. My muscles, I always said it to myself with some pride because I noticed that I just have to look at the weights and my muscles swelled3 as the Pumping Iron described. This was also the time when I read various literature, including the famous work by Arnold SchwarzeneggerThe New Encyclopaedia of modern Bodybuilding“, which one could not borrow at that time, one could only read it in the library or copy out text passages.

Please remember that the chaos theory also applies here as everywhere: “Small deviations in the start parameter have a big impact on the end result.”


1 Think in the education of your children, especially the female gender must be protected and trained differently than the male gender, where each of the individual needs an individual education – without competitive thinking, where envy can take its origin.

In the old tradition of Hinduism, the boys were brought out of the community for the first time before puberty. The first phase of Brahmacarya began. Mastering the body and mind is the be-all and end-all of a civilization and is mandatory for everyone, whether female or male.

To be able to drive a car, one has to take exams, one need a license. Why should it be different with the body? The body can quickly become a weapon.

2 It should be clear to everyone, although the terms: strength training, body building, fitness, etc. are often used as synonyms, but they have fundamentally different goals.

3 I have also noticed in recent years that the swelling has to do with divine magic – my divinity.