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Philosophy, what is morality? – Part 2

Philosophy, what is morality? – Part 2

Morality is Timeless & Spaceless (4Part2)

Morality is Timeless & Spaceless

It has been half a year since the first part “Philosophy, what is morality?” was published – for some maturing processes one has to give this time, in a world where time correlates or competes with money. The maturing process has been accelerated for this reason: Cheese, bread, education, the onset of a child’s pubescent phase, etc., also your children are just products, a lot are even cheap meat – the faster they mature, the faster they are on the market for a (grey) layer that considers itself elitist and tries to create everything in this world according to its immoral model. If everything in this world has decayed moral death, who or what can them even confront? This is the best strategy to avoid having to answer questions, which they would never do anyway, but always have blackmailed

Before I go ahead, everyone should be aware of the differences in terms such as morality, custom, tradition, culture, etc. Here is a rough outline, as I have already formulated this in the document “Special-Event VideoMessage – My Incarnation as Bhairava (27.11.2019) [3.1 Parts].pdf“:

Morality is a very complex entity that is much more than just custom. Morality is something general, in concrete form it is a custom. The custom can change, but morality never changes. It is timeless, spaceless and all-pervading.

Here is a rough differentiation of the term morality and custom, as already published in another document “Special-Event VideoMessage – My Incarnation as Krishna (26.12.2019).pdf“.

If your customs and traditions differ from morals, that is, if they are not a subset of morals, but maybe just an intersection or worse, even disjunct, you create disorder.

What brings one the sequencing (concatenation) of letters to words and words to sentences, if it cannot be understood.

Bicycling has to be experienced, it cannot be only learned from books or the like. Of course, there are also things that should not or must not be experienced, neither in thought nor in reality, here one already crosses the divinely given barrier.

Some people do the same thing they do in the automobile industry. One steer the car onto a wall at high speed in order to draw conclusions from it. Such procedures are of course not advisable for human life, but what I see all over the world is the opposite. I already noticed this over 20 years ago.

If objections are raised, one is called conservative or non-modern. Some people are unaware of the terms. The time, although linear and irreversible, sometimes appears circular or more precisely spiral. This is not a contradiction to physics, since here not the physical time is meant, but the recurrent, which is called periods in physics, these are also the rebirths; fashion is also recurrent.

Where is the difference between own impulse and foreign impulse?

Where is the difference between own impulse and foreign impulse?

[Last Update: 21th January 2018]

It is important to differentiate between the two impulses in the current situation, because the adoption of a foreign impulse as one’s own impulse (instinct etc.) and thus initiated and executed actions have of course consequences, not only social consequences (law etc.), but also beyond that – till to purification procedure.

The external or foreign impulse can be purely artificial as well as collective – the third form is a combination of the two. One should not be so naive and underestimate the foreign impulse. I’m abusing a phrase from the science of chaos theory. Actually, I’m not abusing because it was ensured that people have adopted that phrase or interpretation as correct, namely, that the wingbeat of a butterfly can trigger a tornado. The correct formulation can be found in my article “The glassy man, a devil’s work?” In the second paragraph: “The principle of chaos theory says that small changes in the starting parameters have a great impact on its result.

Anyone who wants to read more about this, can find this under the keyword “butterfly effect” e.g. in WikiPedia. The problem is that there is some information which is not in the current state of (unofficial) technology or science or it suggest false information e.g. that the weather is unpredictable and of course not influenceable. But this in turn is a separate topic – why it is suggested and who and what all benefits and who bears the damage. Of course, many other sources I have mentioned in my other articles in the past are also affected.

Now back to the topic “the wingbeat of a butterfly …”. Now let’s say you are shopping and you see a product that costs only a little and buy it out of impulse (foreign impulse). At home, you realize that you don’t need it really and put it in the storage room or throw it away, because it has not cost much and the effort to bring it back is higher. For you, perhaps it does not cause much harm at first, but what if you encourage many people with foreign impulse to do so? Do you understand what I’m trying to explain? Of course, I have chosen a harmless example here but you can take any other (complex) example and see what it does. This is an example, which seems harmless at first, but in total and over period it leads to a collateral damage. Do not forget the data gathering of certain people that makes it possible to create a profile of everyone and to optimize the foreign impulse and / or beyond that. Of course, I know the sentence “I have nothing to hide, so they can collect”. This sentence comes from a time shortly after 9/11 from one of my best friend, whom I tried to enlighten at that time 😉 about the world political situation. Believe me, he would not say it today. Of course, I have already heard this sentence from many others, in talk shows, etc., not only in the context of 9/11. Do you know the phrase “kill two (or more) birds with one stone”? I have mentioned this several times in my articles.

More information will come through the other channels as usual, and perhaps I will successively continue this article later…

Complementary articles

Parties and their aims

Parties and their aims

Sometimes it is difficult to choose the right party in the current situation. But if one look at the appearance of the candidates on the TV, it is easy to separate the wheat from the chaff. In Germany one speaks of indirect elections because one does not elect the chancellor candidates directly, but he or she is elected by the members of the Bundestag.

One sees whether the candidate for the chancellor, places the interests of the people in the foreground or the own interests, in other words primarily to secure the welfare of one’s own party. The money from the large pot is later distributed to the parties as they are represented on a percentage basis. To recognize the interests of the candidate, it is an important criterion to separate the wheat from the chaff.

I have recently watched the appearance of a candidate of a small party on television, which in her appearance shows that she does not focus the interests of the people in this nation. Especially in the case of the right-wing populist parties and / or the parties who try to create and to use the voters’ fears, it is easy to see that it will never be a question of the welfare of the people in this nation, it is more “If you help me now, I will help you later”. But from whom is help awaited and whom is the candidate thankful? The people of this nation or those who have made the fires?

Willy Brandt’s deeply moving knee fall was one of the most important signs that has been understood by ordinary people or the true victims – I was really impressed or in other words it touched really my heart as I saw it during my political research on the television at the beginning of this century. My father, who is also very interested in politics, has already spoked about this in the 80s. I can still remember from my childhood, which enthusiasm has triggered this and other things by my father.

I only hope that in this days, where much is entangled, people of this nation make the right decision. Not to vote is also counterproductive as to vote for the wrong ones.

Thought experiment of a special kind

Thought experiment of a special kind

[Last Update: 15th September 2017]

As we already know, the world is interwoven, the people, the cultures, the religions, the countries, everything that has rank and name and today much more.

How can one, in a constitutional state, perhaps even a state that tries to represent itself as a model constitutional state for the outside world – move the money from A to B or from the right pocket into the left pocket – in front of the eyes of the world public, without batting an eye, without attracting attention to the movement and without showing that it only been moved from the right into the left pocket.

What is the meaning of the saying: “If you help me, I’ll help you?1” How to use this in this thought experiment, in politics, in the economy. This expression is not supposed to understand as a form of goodness. No, that’s not the point here. But how else?

Let’s say it’s technically possible to influence the weather – so let us do it 😉!

A dialogue:

In the science, there is a talk of climate change. What, climate change? I thought we could influence the weather, make tornadoes, tsunamis, create earthquakes, and then collect the money from the people by the rebuilding and from the insurance companies. The foolish people don’t know that everything is ours. They are like/only dogs who only get an old piece of bone and are thankful till their finiteness. Not even the employees of the insurance companies knew until recently. What, they know it now? What do you think, how we wash our black money?! What… black money, I thought through crime, casinos, brothels, restaurants and other stuff. Yes, that is also true. It is actually even more complicated and complex because it is interleaved in multiple layers. Now, the insurance companies have similar functionalities? You really need a long time to switch. What do you think, how this all is interwoven?

We are centrally and at the same time decentralized organized and interwoven! What, I do not understand that. Well, try first to understand, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two forms of organization … then you’ll get it yourself 😉. Is it like a hybrid? How does that work? Yes, partially in that is the riddle’s solution.

Sorry, now I need a break…

Please, tell me more about our organization. Are you really sure about that? What? Yes of course, I wouldn’t have asked you otherwise. Do you know that we are for many murders, suicides, plane crashes, (car) accidents, fires, illnesses, wars …

Stop now! There is no end! Yes, that is the beauty of it. No, I’m feeling giddy. What giddy? The best part is coming yet, we push the whole deeds appropriately to the others? I only say, never break the law of the causality. Plane crashes – everyone thinks the pilot is mentally ill. An airplane with many politicians crashes – everyone thinks that were the hate-filled neighbors. The guilty are soon found or we help, that they are soon found and also been executed quickly. So are these stupid people – you just have to keep them stupid. Even if they find out the truth, we confuse them …

Besides, they’ve forgotten it all a few days later and come to us like the dogs. If we get bored, then we also play battleships …

Most of our activities have more than one reason.

Do you have heard of “Guantanamo“? Yes, that’s a detention camp…

Right, there we had our last live testing of the head wars with the prisoners, before this real war started couple of years ago. The algorithms of our AIs are very good.

Pssst … .it is also rumored that the AIs are also used with the own people … but psssst …

… and notice this, there is no coincidence, it should only looks like it …

The divine signs and punishment hat people have recorded with their smart phones and uploaded to different platforms like YouTube, that we have immediately deleted and then we also have blackmailed / muzzled the people (witnesses). Otherwise the top-one-percent (<< 1%; much much smaller one percent) even have to take the gun in their own hand…

No, please don’t tell me more. I need a break again.

Now please tell me more about the Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What is that? OK, the AI is nothing else than the collective intelligence or swarm-intelligence of the mankind. Each individual with his or her own intelligence is connected with all through a network. The Hindus  talk about Maya, it is similar, whereby Maya is more complex and is not easy to understand.

That was too much. I need a break again.

… break, break, …, break till into the finiteness.

So please explain to me, how you come to the point that our people also manipulate us with the AI? So… few days ago, I have filled out a form for a payout and there I made the experience last time. I was so concentrated to mark with the cross the right thing and I haven’t even noticed it by the the post-control. I stood in a que to give this form and accidently I looked at it and could not trust my eyes. The mark with the cross was on the wrong position. It was not really important, but I have already heard lot of worse things…

Do you think that our people have manipulated the last elections? There were so many voters desperate after the election results, how this could be possible, because their friends and relations and their friends and their relations and so on didn’t see it coming. Which election do you mean? The BrExit and the presidential elections in the USA, of course! Hell yeah, what else do you think? With such things, our people drive still other calibers …

Uppps sorry, I’m late. I have to go now, we’ll meet later. CU! OK, Bye!

So please answer me quickly a question about the BrExit before I go. The British do not necessarily have to enforce the referendum, if they realise that this decision is politically and economically counterproductive for their country and that the people, let me say, do not want this (more)? The British should not even think in their dream about it, then we will terrorize them or make that they are terrorised. We usually get what we want. Sometimes it is a cat and mouse game with the others. Oh, my God, are we that?! Go now, or you’ll be late.

Bye! CU!

This article is consciously structured in a very different way. The fragmented thoughts or the mental leaps belong to the writing style of this article and are not unconscious. I try to give an impulse here, but not like the destructive impulses of the others, regardless of whether it is artificial or natural. My impulses should enlighten one, steer into the right direction of thinking, perhaps even prevent negative actions (this includes the thought also) and bring the remaining people together again – without the artificial borders, which was created by the mankind.

Why I do this, is already said, but who am I? This is still unclear for some people. If I want, I can feel you, taste, smell, destroy, create, maintain, transfer and much more – even without the technology. Who am I?


1 I have a construction company or many acquaintances and relatives who have a construction company, building supplies store (DIY-stores) etc., which are all my property – including the staff.

Fraternity – disclose the secret

Fraternity – disclose the secret

[Last Update: 27th August 2017]

I’m introducing here the three most important fraternities. All other fraternities are descended or are in the influence of these three. One of the origin or the root of all is the fraternity, where also the first American president George Washington, the 44th president Barack Obama and the former German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt are members – these are the so called Freemasonry. On the second place are the Illuminati and the third fraternity with the name Skull & Bones is closely followed. All the elites of this world and those who consider themselves as elite 😉 belongs to these groups. The former President Bush Junior, as well as Bush Senior or the former Secretary of State John Kerry of the United States or the currently acting President Trump or the current Turkish President Erdogan belongs to the Skull & Bones. The Royal Society, where there are many distinguished scientists like Stephen Hawking are member of it. This Royal Society is again part of the Illuminati. One can say that all the world elite belongs in any form to these three.

Of course, even simple people are part of these fraternity, which are more or less used as simple organs or sensors, such as eye, ear, etc. They are anchored in the middle of the normal society.