Wealth, an analogy with the human body

[Last update: 22nd March 2018]

What has the economy to do with the human body, would someone ask. One should know that the nature is better in many aspects than the human mind will ever be able to perform the works, especially if we have not grown out as primates and still behave like them.

Nature shows us how to make things better. For example, facade paints, where the effect has been imitated from the lotus flower which repel dirt; Sonar* of dolphins for locating –  e. g. this is used in submarines. Eels release electricity comparable with batteries, which converts chemical energy into electrical energy etc.

As everyone knows, blood must be pumped through the entire body so that every organ can maintain its functions. In certain situations, the blood will be mainly pumped only to necessary organs, e. g. when we eat and the food must be digested, then the blood sinks into the stomach. We are in danger and we must flee, then the muscles are better soaked through blood. An extreme case: we are exposed to the cold and we freeze, the blood is systematically switched off from external body sets, such as toe, fingers etc. and the blood circulates only through the necessary internal organs such as heart, lungs etc.

It is the same with economics. The flow of money is equated with the flow of blood. It is possible to systematically and controllably circulate the flow of money in upper floors, so that the labor force, which mainly generates the money, is leached. This has no longer to do with wealth. Wealth is when the money flows through the whole stages equally, just as the blood in the human body which provides all organs with nutrients. If wealth prevails, then the people have a basis for life, otherwise it is only a survival struggle. If wealth decrease, then crime will increase at the same time. People then become beasts and there is nothing left of the civilized culture. All these are already known in the upper floors; It is only consciously instrumentalized. Another tactic is to keep the people fool, so that they do not ask questions and do not interfere with one’s own interests in the upper floor. This is comparable with a crying baby which gets a soother/dummy. This tactic is also recognizable in a time of wealth. Replace the soother/dummy with cars, pleasure houses, drugs, alcohol etc., then you’ll understand what I’m trying to explain. Of course, there is nothing wrong with great cars, I myself love cars, but what I want to say is that they try to shift the focus. The whole industries, from pharmaceutical industry, the weapon industry to the banks, are interwoven with one another, or it is a devilish marriage. Therefore, lot of things are hidden until the day of judgement. The term judgement in the previous sentence can be interpreted in classical, as well as in religious sense.


* Difference between sonar and radar:
The sonar is about acoustic waves, just as when breaking the sonic barrier with a jet. Radar is based on electromagnetic waves (EM waves). This should not be mixed or interchanged. Acoustic waves need a medium such as air. EM waves, on the other hand, need no medium to be transmitted, otherwise the satellites in space would not work either. Since there is almost vacuum in interstellar space – the temperature is almost at the absolute zero point. The absolute zero point is defined as zero Kelvin, which is -273 °C in our unit. The temperature in the interstellar space is about 2 Kelvin that is -271 °C degree. Zero Kelvin or -273 °C degree is the coldest temperature, there is nothing below. The absolute zero point: zero Kelvin or -273 °C degree, can never be reached practically. The light, which is an EM-wave in the classical physics (see also the topic of wave-particle duality), reaches its maximum velocity of 299,792,458 m/s in vacuum. This is also the maximum speed to be achieved in theory at all. There is nothing faster than the light in physics.

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