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The glassy man, a devil’s work?

The glassy man, a devil’s work?

[Last Update: 15th July 2017]

Most people are not aware that the profiling of a human being is very simple in our digital era. Although it is sometimes thought that the data is decentralized and are not associable, but there are ways to get access. Anyone who has been paying attention in math lectures knows the meaning of a transitive relation, which says that if a = b and b = c, the information a = c can be extracted without have been given explicit. I have chosen this example for better understanding. The instruments of data mining are much more complex, which of course can be misused for profiling and other damaging purposes.

The principle of chaos theory says that small changes in the starting parameters have a great impact on its result. If you want to kick a system into chaos, profiling is very helpful. As I mentioned in my article “Brain-To-Brain Interface,” people tend to use the data and new technologies almost first for destructive things rather than for meaningful things.

If one have ever thought about how tailback / jam occurs and how engineers try to disarm these then you ‘ll understand how one can use the same Know-how to get the opposite effect. For example, substitute the word jam with the word war in the previous sentence, then the same sentence get into a new informational dimension. If we pair this knowhow / information with the stupidity of some, then we have a powerful instrument such as terror. Looking at the terror of past decades, perhaps one has noticed that the mankind was not freed from this on any days. Is it a coincidence? Are there really different faces and names? The best arrangement is to make people to thing that they are willed at their own. I can easily fill a whole book only with topics like manipulation (techniques), see also my article: “The world’s oldest war weapon” or “The Amygdala – part of the limbic system: do we really decide?”.

It should also be clear for everyone that in my articles sentences (Wortspielerei [DE] = word gaming ? [EN]; I’m not sure what the right expression is for the German word “Wortspielerei” is in English) such as “When God enters the marriage with devil” have deep meanings. This sentence contains a lot of information in it, so one can easily fill several pages for the interpretation of it. It has primarily didactic reasons when I briefly summarize the texts.