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The Learning

The Learning

[Last Update: 06th March 2019]

Why I try to persuade everyone to learn is, that in the current situation and, of course, in general, it can prevent a person from getting off the path. The learning could also have taken care of it, to recognize much more things earlier including my person rather despite of the many lists.

Freedom and / or (free) time being misused is like suicide. The freedom of each one brings nothing if you have not learned to handle with it.

I find the striving of freedom good, where the freedoms of certain groups of individuals or even a single individual in this world are restricted, regardless of whether these groups of seeking freedom however can be classified in classes such as gender (woman / man / [transgender / Intersex / …]1) religious affiliation, culture or any other human classification, but before that the handling of the (new) freedom2 should be learned. Please do not forget that there can never be a freedom or security in absolute form in the man-made world. Take a look at the model country of freedoms, the United States of America. What kind of freedom is suggested to people, that are the inferior people, because this is the view of certain people living in the circles of current leadership? Is the suggested form of freedom in the states and of course in the rest of the world only an imagination of the naive, i.e. an illusion independent of current events? The current conditions with B2B and their consequences gradually only slowly became aware of the world public. What freedoms have been achieved during the first phase of B2B, i.e. in 2010, in parts of this world e.g. the Arab Spring? How were these situations exploited in the former evil departments or is still being exploited? Who has won, who has lost? Do you know the personalities that benefit from all these, I do not mean primarily the varieties of (sewer) rats living on crumbs of the big cake?

Freedom is like a sharp razor blade that constantly wanders back and forth along the carotid artery on the neck. A wrong move, sometimes also of well-practiced, leads to death. I hope that this pictorial description of freedom makes it clear to everyone how dangerous freedom really is, if one cannot handle with it. Do not forget that freedom is very closely interwoven with duties. My article “The asymmetry of love” correctly understood, can also help to understand terms like emancipation correctly. Imagine that if one has two left hands or two right hands, that would be counterproductive, or what do you think πŸ˜‰? Maybe one now understands what I mean by complement and only in this concept an improvement is possible. This can also be proved mathematically.

Take the time to talk with your children2.1 about such and other important topics and to make them understandable, and why rules are needed, which may at first glance, restrict the freedoms again. Control is indispensable in the current time. The control must be well-intentioned that it does not deter your children and distance them from you. Only then do the crooks have an easy time, pulling the unexperienced on their side or to abuse otherwise. If any one of you think that the divorce rates and the divisions correlate with the fact, that the modern societies are emancipated and enlightened, then you are mistaken. But to let this sentence stand this way, is wrong, maybe even worse than not to write. Think for yourself, why it is so. A functioning family, marriage, partnership, etc. is like an armoured protection that guards you from the rude awakening.

Above all, the AI (artificial intelligence) ensures that one comes on wrong paths, especially through the automation – for future cannon fodder or in other words: An animal (here the man), that is fattened for the slaughter. If the animal thinks that the fattening is well meant, then one should consider whether one has misplaced one’s own brain somewhere πŸ˜‰. One should also know that there will always be ways to approach your (diligently shared) data3, regardless of how physically and / or legally separated they are. All your data e.g. from Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Internet Provider4, surfing habits, surfing patterns, shopping, card payments, tracking in the car e.g. automatic emergency call in modern cars, GPS or location-release of the mobile phone, camera (mobile phones, etc.), customer cards, discount cards, digital medical records (partially already implemented in the eGK), cameras on traffic lights, fixed speed camera systems with automatic data transmission, toll stations and much more for AI a welcome gift, because even at first glance, the restrictive appearing new EU-GDPR‘s legitimize such data gathering for the training of AI at the same time. All this data combined through theft, SW / HW vulnerabilities / bugs, backdoors, blackmail, unwariness, etc. – You have no idea what is possible, not just in the last few years, but even more further back, to calculate in advance each one of your future steps and, at the same time, to take steps to manipulate you, making the capitalist’s heart beat faster.

The AI also suggests the donkey driver the matching cannon fodder. One does not even need profilers anymore. Everything is squatting everywhere through mixed marriages. It does not necessarily have to be a leading position, it only needs to be sufficient for the sensors (10:22 AM Sunday, 17th February 2019, when formulating this sentence, it also rattled by the future hell goers, how they can optimize certain things πŸ˜‰). In this way in the past, parts of the judiciary, the legislative and / or the executive branch were also manipulated, extorted etc. with the help of all these techniques and also the extracted data from the B2B network. Of course, I know where all this takes place and who e.g. is affected. The technology of the last 20 years, that is e.g. Smart Phones, IoT, digital networking, etc. has caused the dangers to explode.

I now know almost every trick of the donkey drivers or contractors – every other trick or procedure is just a variation of this and that. I know how they think, how they will act and have acted in the past.

A well-intentioned tip:
Please stick all the cameras that your smartphones have, especially those of your children. If you have to use your cameras5 then you can remove the tape for a short time and then put it back in case the AI does not lead you to oblivion.

None of these are an exaggeration6, I have been able to realise all these in the last four years. It’s even worse at certain levels. I know the approach of AI very well, that is the reason why I formulated condition 2, whereat conditions 1 and 3 are indispensable and are in a higher priority especially now. Your approach to partially respond or not respond to my demands (i.e. question of the perspective) is comparable to building a house without having laid the basement. Bali, I know your reasons, but you will see (if I let you live that long) that in a few hundred years, when all this has become history, humanity will criticize your behaviour in political shows, books, movies etc., just as still my behaviour as Rama and Krishna is debated till today.


1 There is a divine message here, but you must be prepared for that before.

2 11:37 AM Sunday, 17th February 2019 β†’ When I wanted to make some changes at this point, that is, describe in more detail, it has rattled again by some other hell goers. They tried to find ways to abuse my explanations. If one of you thinks all the Western world view and style are good, then you can sign your last will and testament immediately. Here in the western countries everyone cooks also with water, did you know that? The good of all cultures will be united in the new era and the bad will be eliminated, whether habit, individual etc. Not everything that shines is good.

The problem that I already realized two decades ago is, that when peoples and cultures mingle, or generation changes takes place, they tend to adopt the bad habits of the other culture or the generations. The bad is very quick and easy to learn or to adopt, but learning the good is exhausting, even more strenuous to maintain the good. Many also think that modernity is always good and better. It is unfortunately reversed the case. It is already well-known that technical products deliberately and intentionally cause earlier wear and tear, but the trend has also increased to include food in the last four years. Imagine, one of the oldest arts is cooking and baking – this effort has been made because it has been found to increase the shelf life of food. Why are there so many different variations of sausages, or what are the thoughts behind the process of making hams. If you throw all these thoughts out of the board and only pursue the greed for profit, then do not wonder, if everything around you will be picked up by me.

2.1 Your children and your grandchildren are the future lambs that need to be slaughtered and sacrificed for the Big Ones, so fattened them well πŸ˜‰, so they shed a lot of MEAT. Please do not also forget that you also blow the future of your own rebirth (as a human), if I give you the chance to be reborn (new life in the biological sense) again – the hell goers never will be reborn again even if the time for this universe ends and perhaps a new universe will be reborn again, they that are the hell goers lose the chance to correct their karma forever.

3 One do not always need the latest version of all the data. The AI also recognizes patterns where the algorithms are already well tried by institution like the insurance companies, etc., in order to be able to make predictions for the future from old data. Since Windows XP, your Microsoft Windows machine has a similar AI called Prefetcher whose task it is to set up your future course of action. For example, regarding program launches with high probability to guess correctly, so that the order of the data loads can be adapted to the individual needs. This was still necessary because of the bottleneck that a conventional magnetic hard disk (HDD) brought with it. An SSD as a system partition no longer needs this windows service. These and similar functions have also been implemented for some time at the HW-level. This know-how is also used in the B2B networks.

Any kind of knowledge can also be abused. One can use nuclear fission knowledge to run a nuclear power plant or build an atom bomb that will teach people in Hiroshima etc. to fear and show how powerful and cool one all is.

4 [Censored Version πŸ˜‰:] The internet provider or someone who can access it has plenty of options for your privacy thanks to the many bugs and backdoors.

5 Discard the false and or fatal habits that the AI’s and / or the CAI’s (collective artificial intelligence) have injected to you through impulses and you have adopted them as your own impulse / behaviour / character.

6 It is even an understatement.