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Ambiguity of divine signs

Ambiguity of divine signs

A small introduction to the subtlety of a description or definition. How would one define a human being? The Oxford Dictionary defines as follow:

  • A man, woman, or child of the species Homo sapiens, distinguished from other animals by superior mental development, power of articulate speech, and upright stance.

How would we describe an individual “X”? Is it enough to give the DNA of that indvidual? What about the clone of the individual “X”? In this case, the description of the individual “X” by a DNA would no longer be sufficient. However, because of cloning, the two individuals “X1” and “X2” still can be considered as a single individual “X” according to the above definition. We need another criterion, such as e.g. mental development or the sum of one’s experiences (measurable), which then makes it possible to distinguish the two individuals.

What does all this have to do with the title “ambiguity of divine signs”? Sometimes I have to make a big effort to explain something simple. Do not forget that my enlightenment work is not just for a specific educational group. It is for the whole humanity, people with different education and experience. I also know that there are still people who have never heard of what I’m writing here on my website. They even don’t know that something important is happening. This is (currently) mainly the result of the devils – only in this way cannon fodder can be guaranteed permanently. Why the word “momentary” in brackets in the previous sentence is a mystery for the first time, or anyone should answer this for themselves. Of course, I also know how the devils act against my enlightenment work.

The divine signs what I’m talking about here, this can not only be found in the science. It can be found everywhere, where one discovers the feeling of coincidence and one can exclude an external injection or external impulse.

Through the purification procedure which I carry out, I know that certain individuals still have doubts about my true identity. I’m talking specifically about those who agree with my approach of cleaning, but still cannot recognize me as the Absolute. This includes not only people who do not believe in a Creator – atheists, but also who believe in a Creator, regardless of their religious affiliation. This is also primarily due to the fact that most are only educated in certain knowledge domain and cannot see and accept the facts that I have written down as such. Do not forget that I am most of my time on the battlefield, and that passing time on the battlefield cannot be understood as a life in the classical sense to enter philosophically discourse or spending more time in writing. Regardless of this, the devilish have made my life as unbearable as possible since leaving the German army in the year 2000. Mainly with means that a rule of law never will offer because it is punishable. One of their goals, was to prevent me from gaining an academic degree, which they did not reached, as well as the current practice of preventing me from the purification procedure.

What I also have noticed is, that among the devils and their helpers, there are people who know my true identity, but do not really want to recognize it because the hatred in them drives them or they do not have a backbone to stand against one own’s group.

If one correctly put all the signs in science and other areas in right order, then one can also recognize my true identity – a few signs I have exemplified in some of my articles. There is also a lot to discover in the prime numbers. If one put the individual puzzle blocks wrong, then of course, something wrong comes out. This is like in the science.

There are some among you, who are have knowledge or thinking to have the knowledge in mathematics topics such as mathematical statistics or probability theory and thus come to wrong conclusions regarding to my true identity – especially on the occurrence of numbers as a sign in several sciences and other fields.

Namely, such are the devils like and are recruited as cannon fodder or used as a shield. So, if one get under the wheel, then one should be aware that one is self-responsible.


As I already wrote in one of my articles, the spiral of the rebirths described in Hinduism is not just only for the Hindus. It is for everyone and everything. It should also be clear to everyone that the Atman has neither gender nor other earthly characteristics and is also not limited to human life.

It is also possible, when the Atman manifests itself, once take this special form (female, German, Protestant, …) and after the death in the next birth again another different combination. Mainly the different characteristics and circumstances depend on one’s karma.



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Important Date (chronologically sorted)

For reasons of clarity I have waived redundancy. The tabular accumulation of important data can only be found on Dhivyah.Com.

These data are not based on Hindu sources, but on my visions of the past. Unfortunately, I do not know if the term Vision is correct here.

The data as well as the content may even differ from the Hindu sources.


The Ramayanam took place in the Treta Yuga. Since the Kali-Yuga has started, 5117 years are passed “officially” at the present time/year in 2016. Before the Kali-Yuga has started the Dwapara-Yuga was where also the Mahabharata and the battle to Kurukshetra took place at the end of it. The Mahabharata was 47 million years ago and the Ramayana is much further back – 59 million years ago. If you go 47 million years back, you will soon find out that in this period was also the last Ice Age. Immediately just before the Ice Age was the so-called ground zero – humanity got a new chance after the Ice Age.

The end of the Kali-Yuga is initiated with the purification process. Everyone should be aware of the time span. The battle for Kurukshetra is factually proven and also that of Ramayanam.

Rama was the seventh of ten1 incarnations Vishnus (≡ Shiva ≡ Murughan ≡ Vinayaghar ≡ …). There are many millions of names in hinduism as well as in other languages, cultures and religions for the same divinity. The one group say: Shiva/Vishnu/…, the others Allah and the next one say our father

Many ask themselves if there should be a God. Why there is so much suffering in this world. The answer to this question is given by Hinduism as follows: The karma determines everything – as I have already written in my post: “The Upanishads, a meeting with death?” The only thing man takes from this world and brings back into a new life (rebirth) is his karma. Karma creates the path of life, the character, etc. It can also be called destiny. In english the word destiny actually suggests that everything is predetermined in life. This is not 100% correct. It only forms the framework which we are largely indebted to ourselves. Of course there are things in life that are not the result of our own karma, they are machinations of others.

These downgrades of the four Yugas (world-ages) are caused through these complex conditions and also by cowardice, stupidity etc. of each individuals paired with knowledge excavation. Through the (thousands of) years the whole thing is raised to where we are now at the Kali-Yuga.

Kali2 in the word Kali-Yuga has not to do with Paarvathy ≡ Seetha ≡ Kaali ≡ Dhurcca ≡ Prakriti3 ≡ … The better half of Shiva!

The sign for the tenth incarnation Vishnus is the purification process which goes into the final phase of the Kali-Yuga. The world is being cleaned of all scum. So that a downgrade as described in the four Yugas is never necessary after completion of the purification process.

The Ramayanam which currently airs on Star Vjay TV seems to be that it is based on the book by Prof. G. B. Kanuga – “Immortal Love of Rama”. The serial is a good addition to the literature.

The Ramayanam with Seetha and Raman took place east of Germany and north of Jaffna-Sandilipay (Sri Lanka/Ceylon) where I was born.

The Germans as well as the Europeans are descendants of Ravana (Ramayana), not to be confused with my avatar / incarnation Rama from the (Ramayana). Ravana was a very great Shiva Bhakta until his arrogance blinded him, so that he did not recognize me as the highest instance in my incarnation as Rama. His arrogance even went so far as to consider himself Almighty. It will be seen that in ancient history before Ground-Zero to the current history after Ground-Zero, there were many powerful personalities who believed themselves to be Almighty, or who were made to believe that they were Almighty e.g. Hitler.

Since in the last reunion (fourth attempt was in the Ramayana), humanity has made many mistakes and much has gone wrong, and also thereafter, see Mahabharata till Ground Zero, where my Beauty has no longer incarnate after Ramayana. The current incarnation of us both in the Kali-Yuga is the last attempt or chance for the mankind, which is necessary for the persistence of the Universe. If this goes awry and the course sometimes looks like it, then it will be the end for everyone and everything.

It was a great fault to separate me from my Beauty in spite of the first phase was suddenly stopped in 2012. Nevertheless, reunion in 2012 would have opened new doors for all, even though at that time (2012), I didn’t recognized or identified myself as the highest authority or my Beauty as my better half.

Ramayana is also one of the reasons why I have incarnated as a Sri Lankan Tamil and my Beauty “Sina Sabrina Johanna Kaiser” as a German Catholic, not just to break the curse that was over Sri Lanka. This curse has been spoken for decades, even the civil war in Sri Lanka, which went over several decades, had been associated at that time. I already know these stories from my childhood.


  1. Tamil Hindu Calendar → [2016 in gregorian calendar/western calendar ≙ Kali-Yuga: 5117 in tamil hindu calendar]
  2. The meaning of shaka era

Hinduism is monotheistic and not polytheistic, as may be assumed by many ignoramuses.

On the one hand by my many forms and appearances in different ages and on the other by the blindness of certain people is the erroneous belief originated that Hinduism is polytheistic.

Portal Hinduism Selected quote 8 (George Bernard Shaw)

Portal Hinduism Selected quote 8 (George Bernard Shaw) → Source: WikiPedia


1 Of the ten incarnations of me, only eight including the current incarnation (Kalki-Avatar) are correct. The remaining two were incorrectly assigned to me. These two special Atman as well as the other special Atman are reborn to stabilize order in the world until I personally incarnate. The Kalki-Avatar is the last incarnation of me (for the current universe). The symbolism of the horse of the Kalki-Avatar: it stands for horsepower. This is the unofficial unit, the official is kilowatt, with which one specifies power (of cars). As I have already stated in my article “philosophy” in Figure 1, the automobile is my passion. With the (German) automobile industry as a supporting pillar, everything began officially in the year 2010, but my suffering through the direct attack of the Devils began shortly after my military service period in the year 2000. At that time, I was 22 years old.

2 The official reasoning does not confirm with my vision, that is with the (hidden) divine message. When I incarnate, Kaali (Parvathy, Sina this is one of her names in the current incarnation) will also be present / incarnate in the Kali Yuga as well.

3 See reference in my post: “You are single, but in body you are dual”

MaBeauty74 – The Entire Project

Love Messages

Here I will successively publish the love messages. The link is a PermaLink, i.e. it does not change.

For release or update date, see in the folder of this link. There are not only videos published, also matching lyrics (for the videos) with translations and so more.

We have reached the end of our project. Soon a new era begins.

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The dissolving: MaBeauty74

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    • Divine Revelation (my CloudServer Link) NEW
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Get to the Point

பாட்டும் நானே பாவமும் நானே..ஏ..ஏ..
I’m the song and I’m the expression too.

பாடும் உனை நான் பாடவைத்தேனே
I am the one, who makes you sing.

கூட்டும் இசையும் கூத்தின் முறையும்,
காட்டும் என்னிடம் கதை சொல்ல வந்தாயோ ?
You wanted to teach me the composition, music and
the way of dance to whom who revealed these to the world!

அசையும் பொருளில் இசையும் நானே
The music in movable object is me.

ஆடும் கலையின் நாயகன் நானே
I’m the chief of the dance art.

எதிலும் இயங்கும் இயக்கம் நானே
It is me who makes it function in every object.

என்னிசை நின்றால் அடங்கும் உலகே
When my music stops, the world grinds to a halt.

நான் அசைந்தால் அசையும் அகிலமெல்லாமே.
When I displace the entire world moves.

அறிவாய் மனிதா உன் ஆணவம் பெரிதா ?
Notice this – is your arrogance greater than your rationality?

ஆலவாயனொடு பாடவந்தவனின்,
பாடும்வாயை இனி மூடவந்ததொரு … பாட்டு…
This song will shut the mouth of you,
the man who has come to compete with the Madurian (resident of Madurai).

Background information about this song

In order to understand this song/poem better and to interpret it correctly, you need the following background information.

This poem is supposed to put Hemanathar, a famous singer/poet and cultured person of his time, on the ground of facts. His arrogance and overestimation of his own makes him blind. He asks everyone to a duel/battle.

His demands are as follows: If he wins then the competing singer/poet/educated and the entire country from the competing singer comes to him at his feet. If he loses he will submit.
Then the king of Madurai who is aware of this call his best people to stand again Hemanathar. Since they heard this everyone fled/escaped from Hemanathar. The King ordered a Shiva bhakta named Banabathirar, who is educated but does not show up like the others to stand up against Hemanathar. Banabattar worship to Lord Shiva, who appears as a woodchopper in Madhurai and one night he sing this song in front of the house of Hemanathar so that he can hear this song …

ReBirth etc.

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