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Thought experiment of a special kind

Thought experiment of a special kind

[Last Update: 15th September 2017]

As we already know, the world is interwoven, the people, the cultures, the religions, the countries, everything that has rank and name and today much more.

How can one, in a constitutional state, perhaps even a state that tries to represent itself as a model constitutional state for the outside world – move the money from A to B or from the right pocket into the left pocket – in front of the eyes of the world public, without batting an eye, without attracting attention to the movement and without showing that it only been moved from the right into the left pocket.

What is the meaning of the saying: “If you help me, I’ll help you?1” How to use this in this thought experiment, in politics, in the economy. This expression is not supposed to understand as a form of goodness. No, that’s not the point here. But how else?

Let’s say it’s technically possible to influence the weather – so let us do it 😉!

A dialogue:

In the science, there is a talk of climate change. What, climate change? I thought we could influence the weather, make tornadoes, tsunamis, create earthquakes, and then collect the money from the people by the rebuilding and from the insurance companies. The foolish people don’t know that everything is ours. They are like/only dogs who only get an old piece of bone and are thankful till their finiteness. Not even the employees of the insurance companies knew until recently. What, they know it now? What do you think, how we wash our black money?! What… black money, I thought through crime, casinos, brothels, restaurants and other stuff. Yes, that is also true. It is actually even more complicated and complex because it is interleaved in multiple layers. Now, the insurance companies have similar functionalities? You really need a long time to switch. What do you think, how this all is interwoven?

We are centrally and at the same time decentralized organized and interwoven! What, I do not understand that. Well, try first to understand, what are the advantages and disadvantages of the two forms of organization … then you’ll get it yourself 😉. Is it like a hybrid? How does that work? Yes, partially in that is the riddle’s solution.

Sorry, now I need a break…

Please, tell me more about our organization. Are you really sure about that? What? Yes of course, I wouldn’t have asked you otherwise. Do you know that we are for many murders, suicides, plane crashes, (car) accidents, fires, illnesses, wars …

Stop now! There is no end! Yes, that is the beauty of it. No, I’m feeling giddy. What giddy? The best part is coming yet, we push the whole deeds appropriately to the others? I only say, never break the law of the causality. Plane crashes – everyone thinks the pilot is mentally ill. An airplane with many politicians crashes – everyone thinks that were the hate-filled neighbors. The guilty are soon found or we help, that they are soon found and also been executed quickly. So are these stupid people – you just have to keep them stupid. Even if they find out the truth, we confuse them …

Besides, they’ve forgotten it all a few days later and come to us like the dogs. If we get bored, then we also play battleships …

Most of our activities have more than one reason.

Do you have heard of “Guantanamo“? Yes, that’s a detention camp…

Right, there we had our last live testing of the head wars with the prisoners, before this real war started couple of years ago. The algorithms of our AIs are very good.

Pssst … .it is also rumored that the AIs are also used with the own people … but psssst …

… and notice this, there is no coincidence, it should only looks like it …

The divine signs and punishment hat people have recorded with their smart phones and uploaded to different platforms like YouTube, that we have immediately deleted and then we also have blackmailed / muzzled the people (witnesses). Otherwise the top-one-percent (<< 1%; much much smaller one percent) even have to take the gun in their own hand…

No, please don’t tell me more. I need a break again.

Now please tell me more about the Artificial Intelligence (AI)? What is that? OK, the AI is nothing else than the collective intelligence or swarm-intelligence of the mankind. Each individual with his or her own intelligence is connected with all through a network. The Hindus  talk about Maya, it is similar, whereby Maya is more complex and is not easy to understand.

That was too much. I need a break again.

… break, break, …, break till into the finiteness.

So please explain to me, how you come to the point that our people also manipulate us with the AI? So… few days ago, I have filled out a form for a payout and there I made the experience last time. I was so concentrated to mark with the cross the right thing and I haven’t even noticed it by the the post-control. I stood in a que to give this form and accidently I looked at it and could not trust my eyes. The mark with the cross was on the wrong position. It was not really important, but I have already heard lot of worse things…

Do you think that our people have manipulated the last elections? There were so many voters desperate after the election results, how this could be possible, because their friends and relations and their friends and their relations and so on didn’t see it coming. Which election do you mean? The BrExit and the presidential elections in the USA, of course! Hell yeah, what else do you think? With such things, our people drive still other calibers …

Uppps sorry, I’m late. I have to go now, we’ll meet later. CU! OK, Bye!

So please answer me quickly a question about the BrExit before I go. The British do not necessarily have to enforce the referendum, if they realise that this decision is politically and economically counterproductive for their country and that the people, let me say, do not want this (more)? The British should not even think in their dream about it, then we will terrorize them or make that they are terrorised. We usually get what we want. Sometimes it is a cat and mouse game with the others. Oh, my God, are we that?! Go now, or you’ll be late.

Bye! CU!

This article is consciously structured in a very different way. The fragmented thoughts or the mental leaps belong to the writing style of this article and are not unconscious. I try to give an impulse here, but not like the destructive impulses of the others, regardless of whether it is artificial or natural. My impulses should enlighten one, steer into the right direction of thinking, perhaps even prevent negative actions (this includes the thought also) and bring the remaining people together again – without the artificial borders, which was created by the mankind.

Why I do this, is already said, but who am I? This is still unclear for some people. If I want, I can feel you, taste, smell, destroy, create, maintain, transfer and much more – even without the technology. Who am I?


1 I have a construction company or many acquaintances and relatives who have a construction company, building supplies store (DIY-stores) etc., which are all my property – including the staff.