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Where is the difference between own impulse and foreign impulse?

Where is the difference between own impulse and foreign impulse?

[Last Update: 21th January 2018]

It is important to differentiate between the two impulses in the current situation, because the adoption of a foreign impulse as one’s own impulse (instinct etc.) and thus initiated and executed actions have of course consequences, not only social consequences (law etc.), but also beyond that – till to purification procedure.

The external or foreign impulse can be purely artificial as well as collective – the third form is a combination of the two. One should not be so naive and underestimate the foreign impulse. I’m abusing a phrase from the science of chaos theory. Actually, I’m not abusing because it was ensured that people have adopted that phrase or interpretation as correct, namely, that the wingbeat of a butterfly can trigger a tornado. The correct formulation can be found in my article “The glassy man, a devil’s work?” In the second paragraph: “The principle of chaos theory says that small changes in the starting parameters have a great impact on its result.

Anyone who wants to read more about this, can find this under the keyword “butterfly effect” e.g. in WikiPedia. The problem is that there is some information which is not in the current state of (unofficial) technology or science or it suggest false information e.g. that the weather is unpredictable and of course not influenceable. But this in turn is a separate topic – why it is suggested and who and what all benefits and who bears the damage. Of course, many other sources I have mentioned in my other articles in the past are also affected.

Now back to the topic “the wingbeat of a butterfly …”. Now let’s say you are shopping and you see a product that costs only a little and buy it out of impulse (foreign impulse). At home, you realize that you don’t need it really and put it in the storage room or throw it away, because it has not cost much and the effort to bring it back is higher. For you, perhaps it does not cause much harm at first, but what if you encourage many people with foreign impulse to do so? Do you understand what I’m trying to explain? Of course, I have chosen a harmless example here but you can take any other (complex) example and see what it does. This is an example, which seems harmless at first, but in total and over period it leads to a collateral damage. Do not forget the data gathering of certain people that makes it possible to create a profile of everyone and to optimize the foreign impulse and / or beyond that. Of course, I know the sentence “I have nothing to hide, so they can collect”. This sentence comes from a time shortly after 9/11 from one of my best friend, whom I tried to enlighten at that time 😉 about the world political situation. Believe me, he would not say it today. Of course, I have already heard this sentence from many others, in talk shows, etc., not only in the context of 9/11. Do you know the phrase “kill two (or more) birds with one stone”? I have mentioned this several times in my articles.

More information will come through the other channels as usual, and perhaps I will successively continue this article later…

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