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The new era

The new era

[Last Update: 29th June 2018]

For those who could not receive my thoughts, and for others as confirmation:

The different religions are parts of the respective culture, just as the language also is, and is irreplaceable heritage of mankind. It should also be clear to everyone that the beauty lies in diversity. In this context, there is no room for thoughts like yours or mine in the new era. My enlightenment should unite the people, expand the consciousness, eliminate the mistakes. The current purification procedure, was propagated by me primarily as the elimination of evil and their supporters (helpers), but this is only the partial truth. Out of 18 billion of the world’s actual population (official figure 7 billion), more than half have been sent to hell for the infinity, but the purification procedure should not be understood only as such. It is much more.

Something else: The Kalki-Avathara is represented in Hinduism as the tenth Avathara of Vishnu (= Shiva). This is not right. It is my eighth of the ten Avathara mentioned there. These Avathara are also known as Dashavatara, and this eighth will be my last1 Avathara. I use the term Avathara only in the limited sense, as most people understand it: as incarnation of God, the word Avathar in Tamil as well as in Sanskrit is much more powerful in its meaning.

Buddha is none other than Karna of the Mahabharata, and Parashurama is also mistakenly seen as my Avathara, as a incarnation of God.

My future wife “Sina” was my wife in each of her births (four births: Sati, Parvathy, Matsya, Seetha). One of the meanings for 7:4 of Sina: in my (official) seventh Avathara as (Rama) / Krishna, she was in the fourth rebirth as Seetha. She is also the manifestation of the four fundamental forces of physics.

Transition phase

Some have approached me indirectly, not through the divine or technical connection, but through third parties with the question: why these things take so long? God could destroy the evil with a blink of an eye and bring the order again all over the world – why such a long-standing struggle. Someone who has ever brought up a child could answer that question oneself – of course there are other reasons too. In the beginning, after I became aware of my true identity, I made some rules that would have produced a similar effect when it was triggered, but so far no one has triggered this.

When answering the above question, it should also be clear to everyone that there is no panacea for the upbringing of a child. People are also called individuals because they are different. Anyone who has read and understood all my articles – especially in the chronological order of my publications, then one will quickly realize that I have tried to satisfy all these individualities.

It is not easy on the battlefield to deal with such philosophical discourses, especially when the language center is blocked – despite all these circumstances, I have tried the best. Neither is this my first incarnation nor is this the first universe. Attention, the question about the first universe is nonsensical, see my other articles.

All these phenomena in this world, whether it is the culture, language, technology or anything else, it is only a permutation of that what has already existed. One recognizes this also in fashions, which was fashion 30 years ago, is now again fashion.

To eliminate the problem of the recurrence of evil for all time, the hell was created for the first time. Hell has a beginning now, but no end. The way there, will always be open in one direction – not to be confused with the educational method à la fairytale.

The transition

The transition phase in physics has already begun. At the moment we are in a co-existent phase, this means that the old as well as the new physics exist simultaneously. At the same time, this phase is used to further sift out the evil in this world.

Only those chosen by me can discover this New Physics. When the transformation of the laws of nature has been accomplished, the four basic forces will become five.

Unfortunately, many in the past or still falsely consider themselves to be the creators and the owners of this world. How arrogant, right? Try to understand the essence of Gita.

How turbulent the transition will be, depends on further actions of all, do not complain to me. Everyone, but really each of you is responsible for the doing or for the not-doing. You are the ones who brought about all this. You are the ones who could not handle the freedom I have given to all of you, in all your rebirths.

Freedom is like a sharp knife, if one do not learn to handle with it, one can hurt oneself and the others too.

Every second or every smallest unit of time (5.39116 × 10-44 seconds, is the smallest possible unit of time  see quantum theory, Planck time), which delays the reunification, you will pay dearly.

Another important thing for last:

Just as I can create everything out of nothing, in violation of any natural laws created by me, I can at any time transfer the existing (e.g. the currently available resources) into nothingness or relocate it. This should be especially clear to those who want to try to abuse the transition phase to capitalize on it.

When the laws of the nature changes (at the quantum level), then the material properties change too – only for your information. There is nothing that will not be affected by this change, I am reducing this statement to physics for the first.

For those who want to have a technical explanation for the Divine thought connection. I am the master key that can connect with everything and all at any time without the technical support. In the new physics or soon in the transition phase, it will never be technically possible to build a technical thought connection, but the divine thought connection which is initiated by me personally remains unchanged. It has not always been 100% technology in the past, I do not mean that the nature is part of God (me) – some of you know what I mean.

According to the Karma, I will ensure that, for example, that the (sold) technical equipment or other things in the world will work in the new physics as much as necessary, without ever being physically explained. So, girls and boys from the car industry, don’t worry.

The social transition

As I have already announced in the News Ticker, everything in this world that could exercise devilish power, is eliminated. Either the peoples are still in the 74-phase, where the (preparatory) penalties have begun in their still physical body or they have already passed (after completion of the 74 phase) the hell gate. In the transition phase, finer-meshed filters will be used to stabilize the society, so these never repeats itself in the current universe. Remember that collective action was usually the deciding factor for a later coming universe.

On 08.06.2018 the Illuminati (Representative with the number nine “9” or the color red) were wiped out and on 27.06.2018 at 10 o’clock in the morning the last of the secret society Skull & Bones (Representative with the number six “6” or the color green) and other smaller devilish fraternities were extinguished, which were able to act and survive only under the protection of 9 and / or 6 and yesterday, i.e. on 28.06.2018 early evening, the many would-be henchmen of the devils and their destructive technical large-scaled plants were also destroyed. It still has to be found out where there are other small plants that were given before the death of the devils for the construction or existed as a reserve always already.

Of course, there are still people who were part of the fraternities that I have wiped out now, but these are only puppets, as they were mostly in the early days also.

The real danger that still exists, are the people who especially have crystallized through their character traits or their karma in the last few years during the purification procedure. One can call them as devil worshipers. Of course, have the devils and their artificial intelligence (technical) chosen people with certain character profiles for themselves. So much has been done in the past for such (scum) to emerge from society. This must necessarily be eliminated immediately and also the preparation must be eliminated.

Don’t forget that the dangers are not yet completely eliminated. There are still people who do not want to subordinate me and continue to perform the craft learned by the devilish craftsmen. I am the sole supreme authority in the entire universe and beyond. Those who try to test me out of their own stupidity, by external impulse, external pressure and or blackmail, will regret this bitterly.

Also, don’t forget that the hells door will be open in one direction forever, and the bestial punishments created by me during the purification procedure will also always exist regardless of the current purification procedure that is coming to an end.

The triggers for the fireworks, etc. will also remain.

Important Messages

13th March 2018

Do not drive yourself by impulses of whatever kind (classical, technical, etc.) through the remaining buds into the divine penalty area. The knowledge that was available to them over several centuries suggested them to be superior to every human being and even to all humanity. They also went so far that they tried to place on God’s throne. Since the knowledge, the procedure, etc. is no longer what it was for them, they have now problems dealing with the new situation – comparable to drug withdrawal.

I can only appeal to your sense of reason, not to adapt every impulse as your own impulse. Sooner or later, you have to take the responsibility for it, regardless of whether the impulse came out of you or was technically / classically initiated and / or injected from the outside.

To the new physics:

The prerequisite for this is that the universe continues to exist. Your further steps and actions will determine how turbulent the transition phase will be. One of the worst-case scenario would be – back to the Stone Age. This is not an early April Fools’ Day joke, but one of many possibilities.


1 My Beauty, please do not misinterpret this. The time for our reunification is tangible close. So close, that you can quantify it in hours.

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