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States of consciousness of the Atman

States of consciousness of the Atman

[Last Update: 01.01.2017]

Many people from Western culture or those who are unfamiliar with Hinduism is the meaning of karma and rebirth not understandable.

As I’ve already written in two of my posts, the only thing that a man takes from this world and bring back into a new life (rebirth) is his or her Karma. The Karma makes us the way. We make decisions influenced by our karma from all of our births till to our current birth.

Just as the human body, in which the Atman is living, knows two states of consciousness – the subconscious and the conscious – it is similar after death when the Atman leaves the human body. The Atman reaches a higher level of consciousness where the Atman is clear about all his actions of his countless rebirths. Because the rebirth gives the Atman a new chance to make everything right again in a new life (rebirth). This is the reason for the rebirth.

In the Kali Yuga, where the purification process will take place many Atmans will experience infinite suffering for their karma. It would be better to understand this before death so that one does not add more harm and the infinite/eternal (enduring) suffering becomes even more extreme.

These Atmans haven’t realized their countless chances. Those who feel that they can’t have so much (negative) karma in this life, should also be aware that if they made wrong decisions or in other words took the wrong path, they’ll anyway be captured by the cleaning/purifying process. “They did not get the curve” or in other words: “Unfortunately they did not understand the principle of karma.”

Hinduism describes the Act of death or the last train of life as follows:
Shortly before the death or in other words before the Atman leave the body, the man gets played his or her entire life (karma). This could be just a moment in the real world, but those who will experience it, will differently interpret the time – comparable with a dream that lasts only a few seconds or minutes but you get the feeling that a larger span of time has passed in the dream. This can be understandable for everyone who has woke up and looked at the time and slept again. After a few moments woke up again from his or her nightmare/dream and looked back at the clock and realized that only a few minutes has elapsed in the real (according to the clock).

Similarly those who are covered/captured by the purifying process will also experience the same thing. They’ll realize that they haven’t really used their innumerable chances and no one else can be held responsible for it.

In the purification process initiated by the Incarnation of God Vishnu (≡ Shiva ≡ …) other brave warriors such as Hanuman ≡ Karnan (²), Bhishma, Ganga, Vishvamitra, Shanta (Ramas sister) and countless others will stand on the side of God and fight with him. Not all of them will be Hindus and/or Tamils in this life.


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  2. In Ramayanam which took place in the Treta-Yuga the person/warrior has the name Hanuman and in the Mahabharata which was later in the Dwapara-Yuga the name was Karnan. For this reason, the symbol “ stands between Hanuman and Karnan. It is the identically Atman, which in one birth was called the warrior Hanuman and in the later rebirth the name of the warrior was Karnan.
  3. A body that is not inhabited by an Atman is a lifeless body. The word soul can be used as synonym for the Hindu definition of the word “Atman” but the term “soul” is not powerful enough to describe what the word Atman is in Hinduism.

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